A Luxury Basement Addition that Doesn't Break the Bank

(BPT) - In today’s homes, “comfort” and “serenity” are the hot new watchwords. From simply using more tranquil paint colors to the more ambitious addition of meditation and luxury spa retreats, the pursuit of well-being is increasingly figuring into the plans of American homeowners. Fortunately, installing luxury bath fixtures in these new-age havens is a snap when Saniflo above-floor plumbing is used. Because Saniflo’s plumbing technology is unique, you can round out your new retreat with a full bath, a lavish steam shower, even a spa, anywhere in your home – without digging up the floor to install piping. Saniflo’s no-fuss construction lets you create your in-home sanctuary quickly, without breaking the bank. Smarter Alternative Conventional plumbing is messy, time-consuming and costly to install. Saniflo manufactures a smart alternative that homeowners love: macerating plumbing systems. This above-floor plumbing technology can be used for toilets, sinks, tubs and spas, making it easy and cost-effective to enhance a fitness or yoga room or a meditation retreat – even in basements and garages where conventional plumbing renovations are cost-prohibitive. Using Saniflo saves homeowners big bucks. When Duane Enoch and Daniel Pitman renovated the basement in their Brentwood, Tenn., home, they chose Saniflo to outfit not one, but two luxury baths. “Initially, we had a plumbing contractor come out and quote us a price to rough in conventional, below-floor drain lines,” Enoch explains. “Going with Saniflo probably saved us ten grand.” Whether you’re installing one of the popular new personal sanctuaries in your home, or simply adding a spare bathroom, Saniflo can save you money, too. What’s the Secret? Above-floor plumbing is really quite simple. Instead of routing waste and water through a drain in the floor, the effluent is moved to a macerator pump, housed in a small plastic box installed at floor level behind the toilet, either in front of or inside the wall. The macerator quickly breaks up waste and quietly discharges it under pressure through small-diameter, above-floor piping. Saniflo systems can be used with sewer or septic tanks. With macerating technology, there is no need to blast through concrete or dig up flooring to install piping and drainage. The plumbing works efficiently and effectively above the floor, giving homeowners the option of adding a full-service comfort space anywhere in the home: upstairs or down, inside or out. And Saniflo’s installation flexibility increases its appeal. “It’s a great choice for tight spaces, like underneath a stairway or inside a closet,” says plumber Mike Coletto, an independent Chicago-area contractor with more than 15 years of residential plumbing experience. “Above-floor plumbing is a super alternative to conventional plumbing. I like the way it can handle multiple fixtures and can work up to 12 feet below and as far as 150-feet away from a septic tank or sewer line.” Using Saniflo is a smart option for any plumbing installation. But if you’re among the many homeowners desiring an in-home sanctuary, Saniflo should be your first step on the road to tranquility. For more information about Saniflo bathroom systems, call (800) 363-5874. Or visit Saniflo at www.saniflo.com Courtesy of ARAcontent

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