You’re not alone if you find that the piece of garden statuary that looked so elegant at the garden center just doesn’t seem to fit your garden back home. Here are some simple guidelines that will help you choose the perfect piece of statuary for your garden.

It’s that time of the year again when millions of do-it-yourself homeowners face the challenges of keeping problem insects and weeds away from home gardens and yards -- while staying within the family budget. The pesticides and fertilizers available at local hardware and home improvement stores are designed specifically to help with these tasks, but choosing the right products and using them correctly is something every homeowner must consider.

As temperatures fall and nature’s food supply dwindles across the country, some birds will migrate to more hospitable areas while others will stay and tough it out. Regardless of where you live, the bird populations present in your area this winter could use your assistance. Attract and welcome these feathered friends to your backyard with a bird-friendly habitat.

With home improvement season upon us, homeowners are eager to make their outdoor living areas as inviting as the inside of their homes. Before visiting the local home and garden center or hiring a professional to create a backyard paradise, consider taking the DIY approach. Here are some tips on how to complete the project.

Soon it will be time to leave outdoor living spaces and ride out winter’s cold indoors. But before you batten down the barbecue and stow the patio cushions, don’t forget to take care of wooden structures – like decks, pergolas and play sets – that must remain out in the elements.

Weather extremes are brutal on exterior landscaping. Rain, snow, wind and temperature variances all take a toll, especially on residential fencing. Now’s the time to inspect fencing, gates and gate hardware around your property to ensure all are in good working condition.

As spring approaches, homeowners won’t be the only ones opting for stay-cations. Insects that hibernate during cold winter months reappear in the spring, setting their sights on a location closer to home than you think - the safety and warmth of your house.