With summer in the air, you're just itching to get that home improvement project going. It's a great time to install a rain garden, improve storm-water runoff in your yard, redo your windows or siding, or even change the look of one of the rooms inside your house with new paint and furniture.

Gardening is becoming more popular than ever, thanks to a number of converging circumstances, including the First Lady’s planting of a White House organic garden. Because of the sagging economy, people want to save money anywhere they can, and vegetable gardening is a great way to save money on foods that can be costly. Additionally, more and more people want to live a “green” lifestyle, and you can't get more local than picking vegetables right in your back yard. Plus, when you start an organic garden, it’s even more environmentally friendly.

Manners are lovely, but they just don’t cut it when it comes to preventing pesky deer from foraging in your foliage! Here's how to do it.

Homeowners with shrinking household budgets are looking for help in their own backyards. Can planting a veggie patch really save you money? Government agencies and gardening organizations say yes.

After a heat- and drought-ridden summer in most areas of the country, it’s not unusual to see plenty of bare and brown spots in the lawn. With fall upon us, now is the ideal time of year to rid lawns of those bare spots by reseeding or planting new grass seed to ensure a full and lush lawn for next year.

With the launch of a 10-city nationwide campaign, the National Arbor Day Foundation and The Home Depot Foundation are helping people understand the importance of trees as the green infrastructure of our cities.

Green is the buzzword for today’s gardener and landscaper. What is green gardening? Does walking into a nursery or browsing through plant catalogs give you a headache? Do you wonder how can you get your plants to look like, or somewhat like, those in the catalogs?

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