The wet weather pattern blamed for this winter’s record snowfall in the East and mudslides in the West is expected to wreak more havoc this spring and summer with a surge in insects.

Many people look forward to the start of summer because it brings the chance to host barbecues and enjoy time outdoors. Unfortunately, people aren’t the only ones looking forward to the season.

For years, the conversation about strengthening your home’s value has revolved around interior projects. However, by keeping the focus inside, you might be ignoring one of the most effective ways to bring your property value up: the garden.

While some people see gardening as simply playing in the dirt, the physical and mental benefits are well-documented. In addition to being good for your mind and body, sustainable gardening is a great way to be kind to the planet and connect you to nature and the food you eat.

While West Nile virus is no longer grabbing as many headlines, it remains a threat worthy of serious consideration. Certain areas have seen an uptick in West Nile activity and everyone should be aware of the steps they can take to reduce the danger of mosquitoes in their outdoor spaces.

You turn the faucet off when brushing your teeth and installed low-flow toilets and showerheads – but your outdated irrigation system could be undermining your efforts to save water. Saving water doesn't have to be complicated; you can find water efficient choices to accommodate any budget.

People associate lawn care with spring and summer, but the fall is actually the optimal time to take steps toward a healthy, greener lawn. Here are some tips for your fall lawn care.