Every gardener knows that no matter how long you’ve been growing your garden, there’s always something new to learn. And whether you’re faced with an unfamiliar garden pest or are curious what variety of green bean thrives best in your climate, the best people to learn from are other gardeners.

Attention parents! The National Arbor Day Foundation is looking for your fifth grade student’s best tree-themed artwork to be submitted to the 16th annual Arbor Day National Poster Contest sponsored by Toyota. Kids are invited to create a poster around this year’s theme of “Trees are Terrific…and forests are too!”

Imagine not having to change the bulbs in your landscape lighting for 18 years! That’s right -- no more wrestling through bushes or wading in ponds year after year to swap out bulbs. One of the latest lighting advancements is making its way outdoors, adding ambiance to outdoor décor and saving you nearly two decades of hassle. The secret? A whole new kind of LED lighting.

When the weather outside grows cooler, gathering with loved ones around a warm fireplace can be delightful. Here's what you need to know about getting ready for fireplace season.

Adding useful space, enjoyment, appeal and value to homes, outdoor living spaces continue to be a popular home improvement project. While the economy slowly recovers, many budget-conscious homeowners are looking for simple, cost-effective ways to transform their homes’ exteriors into inviting outdoor “land-escapes” that can be enjoyed year around.

The approach of fall means different things in different parts of the country. While leaves begin turning from emerald to crimson in Maine, gardeners in Arizona may be just plotting out the vegetable garden. Nearly everywhere in the United States, however, the cooler temperatures and increased precipitation make for an ideal climate in which to give the grass some attention.

Gardening is rapidly becoming a popular hobby for many Americans, even with an increase in the number of people living in apartments and condos. Getting your hands dirty may seem challenging when faced with a small space, but all the space necessary to have a successful garden is a window, ledge, patio or balcony.