Consumers continue to crave increasingly luxurious home bath experiences. Whether they are refurbishing the bath in preparation for a sale, or feathering a nest they intend to live in for decades to come, homeowners have embraced the concept of spa-like bathrooms.

Today’s recent design trends have sparked a passion for innovation in the world of ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are no longer simple, white squares protecting kitchen countertops. They have evolved into an art form encompassing the personality and creativity of homeowners through textures, their use of light, and their ability to mimic natural aesthetics.

As warmer weather approaches, it's a great time to take a look out your windows and see what the view of your home is offering your neighbors. Are there any areas of your landscaping or home's exterior that could use a bit of an upgrade to help boost your home's curb appeal?

A fireplace is a focal point in a home. Not only is it a visually appealing central gathering place, but it provides a backdrop for cherished memories. From family portraits to opening presents during the holidays, there is an emotional connection to fireplaces. If you are contemplating adding a fireplace to your home, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the process. Here's everything you need to know.

Cooler weather is on the way and with it - unwelcome houseguests. And it won’t just be your Uncle Bob and his brood of eight settling in for the holidays. Critters – from rodents to insects – will be looking to join the party too.

In the last few years, garage doors have experienced a major transformation in their role on the American home. Today’s garage doors do a lot more than go up and down.

If the expectation of a tax refund is in your near future, you may finally have the funds for a much-needed home fix-up.