Today, more and more women are working two jobs: one outside the home; the other right at home. And instead of laptops and conference calls at their ‘nine to five’ job, this second job involves countertops and cleaning the halls.

As green building and remodeling practices become standard procedure, the use of more natural light and passive ventilation is here to stay.

When you sit back to relax in the tub, or take time to preen in front of the bathroom vanity, do you often feel that the setting just isn't giving you the comforting and spa-like experience you wish you could feel at home? Maybe it's time you gave your bathroom a refreshing change – one that not only gives you the luxurious feeling of comfort and elegance, but also that benefits your wallet and the environment.

Summer often inspires the desire to remodel. Warm breezes blow through the windows to dry fresh coats of paint, and backyard picnics offer relaxing respite between projects. But beyond the weather, a shifting economy is also causing homeowners to remodel and make repairs.

When it comes to adding value and enjoyment to your home, kitchen and bath remodels still remain tops, remodeling and real estate experts say. But how people remodel is changing. High-end renovations, costing tens of thousands of dollars, are dwindling, replaced by upgrades that provide homeowners with the most return for the least investment.

When it comes to impressing your mate, forget about diamonds and designer gifts. You’re more likely to snag a date based on your decorating taste than with bling. A majority of men and women – 88 and 85 percent, respectively – would prefer to receive a room makeover over a pricey pair of diamond earrings or watch, according to a recent survey.

After winter has arrived, you know what’s coming next – higher energy bills. To get through the cold, dark months of the year, you flip on the lights and turn up the heat, both of which can send energy usage skyrocketing. It’s natural to want to cut those costs – the good news is, it’s easy to do.