Winter will be here before you know it, and because of rising fuel costs, the U.S. Department of Energy is warning that heating bills will be higher this year.

Homeowners renovate for two basic reasons: money and fun. Or, more precisely, they undertake home improvements to improve their home’s resale value or their enjoyment of their house. The best home improvements, however, are ones that deliver on both objectives.

Homeowners' desire to extend their outdoor time well into the night is driving the trend towards more creative outdoor lighting.

Finishing the basement remains a good way to improve value and livability while also expanding square footage. Think of it as double the return on investment – not only are you creating an appealing space in your home, you’re actually making the home bigger for potential buyers who want maximum living space.

What can you do about drafts from the four largest “holes” in your home -- the folding attic stair, the whole house fan, the fireplace and the clothes dryer? Here are some tips and techniques that can quickly, easily and inexpensively seal and insulate these holes.

When people think of winterizing their homes, most often their heating bills spring to mind – along with insulation and weather stripping. The winter months bring not only high energy bills, but also an increased chance of certain kinds of damage to your home and its contents. A few precautions can help protect you from serious losses and disruptions this season.

The high volume of foreclosed homes on the market is allowing some astute buyers to turn eyesores into eye-catching properties with only minimal investment. While not every property can be fixed up affordably, there are some common projects that dramatically improve a foreclosed home’s appeal and value.