When determining what remodeling projects are most deserving, homeowners should consider that windows offer some of the biggest payoffs.

Hire a questionable contractor and you could be setting yourself up for serious heartache. Find a contractor you can love and you’ll be building the foundation of a lasting, happy relationship – not to mention the home of your dreams. Here are four steps towards building a lasting, happy relationship with a quality contractor.

During the last year alone, more than 290 million scrap tires ended up in landfills according the Environmental Protection Agency. Adding to the volume of municipal waste is an ever greater percentage of plastic household items, about 26.7 million tons per year. As our available landfill space shrinks, finding new ways to reuse and reduce this waste will become increasingly important.

On average, a bathroom remodel costs $15,789 and a kitchen remodel costs $55,503 according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2007 Cost vs. Value report. But you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a fresh look in your home. Focus on the items that get used the most, like the faucet.

The economy may be down, but things are looking up for kitchens and baths as manufacturers provide affordable new ways to perk up cabinetry with colors that lift the spirits.

Here are some simple guidelines from the experts that will help you choose the perfect fountain for your garden space.

While the walls of your home still can’t talk, they can move -- thanks to advances in track technology and new thinking about how living spaces can be defined. The result is rooms that can serve multiple purposes and be virtually redesigned by simply sliding a wall panel.