Moving into a new rental property and wondering how much your landlord will allow you to decorate to make it feel like your own? You’re not alone. According to a recent survey, 90 percent of renters will decorate when moving to a new apartment; with 81 percent decorating within the first three months of the move.

Homeowners are still forging ahead with improvements, but they’re allocating hard-earned dollars to smaller projects -- ones that not only boost their home’s overall appeal, but also provide other added benefits in the long run. Being budget-conscious doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality and performance.

Outdoor painting projects can be intimidating. With cold weather approaching, it’s better to do these projects now before winter elements such as wind, rain and snow cause a lot of damage. In fact, with the right tools and planning, you could complete a project in just one weekend.

Clean out the gutters. Put away the deck furniture and grill. Have the furnace checked. Sound familiar? Fall home improvement projects can help protect your home from cold weather and help save money on costly repairs down the road.

Want to wake up your tired bathroom, but think the price tag might be out of your budget? Don’t be so sure. Remodeling activity may be down, but it’s not out, especially in the bathroom. In fact, the bathroom topped the list of rooms for renovations, according to a recent Consumer Reports survey. Fortunately, there are many simple updates and unique and affordable products that can give your bath a custom designed look on a bare minimum budget.

Just as your home’s decor is a statement of your taste and personality, so is your backyard. As the trend for enjoying customized decks and outdoor living space grows, personalized outdoor living areas are the latest in home improvement upgrades.

A simple paint project is an easy way to add a pop of color and upgrade your home decor. And while choosing the latest color trends may be the most exciting part of painting a room, it isn’t the most important step in the process. The way you prep the room can affect the final result of the DIY project.