Decorating a child’s room is a challenge filled with variables – not the least of which is just how long the room’s inhabitant will actually like walls decorated with fuzzy bunnies or fire engines. It makes sense to choose decorating options that are easy to change so that a room’s decor can grow with your child. Here are some hints for decorating touches that you can easily redo or reverse.

Closet creep is real. No, your possessions aren’t multiplying in the middle of the night, though it may seem that way. But it does take resolve to tame the tendency to keep more than is discarded so your home stays organized and clutter free.

Pebbles are the latest hot trend in stone-themed home décor, and they’re showing up in everything from wall murals to pebble-textured fabrics.

Slim is “in” ... and not just for people watching their weight. Flat screen TVs and the wall mounts that turn the TVs into decorator showpieces seem to grow sleeker and slimmer every year. And when it comes to viewing technology, thinner not only looks better, it has practical advantages, too.

Your home, its furnishings and exterior style, probably are more reflective of your personality than anything else in your life. Only the clothes on your back would come close to matching the relevance of your home in terms of making a visible statement about your style and personality. Even the style of garage door that you select is reflective of your personal tastes.

We all want the finer things in life, but while many of us have expensive tastes, we don’t always have lavish budgets. And, when it comes to updating the kitchen, many items can have large price tags that - in today’s market – we won’t be able to recoup. Luckily, with a little creativity you can achieve a cost-conscious kitchen remodel that gives you maximum enjoyment on a minimal budget.

When the economy takes a downturn, people tend to stay in. For home environments stuck in the doldrums, easy and affordable updates can create a cozy spring haven.