With the price of just about everything going up you might think your budget for cabinetry has to go down. While your cabinetry budget may fall, you won’t have to sacrifice style, if you consider jazzing up stock cabinetry with stylish, yet affordable upgrades.

Homeowners may want all the modern conveniences of a brand new home, but they don’t always want those conveniences to look new. Some homeowners crave the sense of history, provenance and tradition that come with a home that looks as if it has been passed down through generations.

Are you tired of your table? Is your dresser looking drab? Don’t worry – it’s easy to update your current furniture with a coat of paint and have it looking fabulous in no time.

As Mother Nature wows us with fantastic fall colors and scenery, the latest trends in fall decorating and entertaining bring the beauty of the great outdoors inside. Give your home some fall-time flare by adding nature-inspired decor with unexpected crafty details.

Living on a budget is the norm, rather than the exception, in the current economy. Whether you’re trying to entice potential homebuyers or just want to give your living space a quick spruce up, here are a few tips for making a big impact in the look of your home without breaking the bank.

Do you feel like Mother Nature set up camp in your home over the winter? Cold winter months spent indoors often translate to dirt and clutter buildup around the house. And, if you’re like television personality Hannah Keeley, with those first few warm spring days comes the irrepressible urge to throw open the windows and get down and dirty with some serious spring cleaning.

Brides are choosing heirloom china to keep family traditions alive. But what do they do when a cherished set is incomplete? They turn to experts to help find out-of-production patterns.