Landscape lighting used to be simple. A few recessed cans lining the front path, a couple downlights tucked in the trees, and you were done. Not anymore. When it comes to the great outdoors, homeowners have seen the light.

Summer was a sizzler, but cooler weather brings relief and a return to the indoors, which can seem a bit drab after the lively colors of summer. The easiest way to spruce up your decor is with fresh color on the walls. Along with the beauty and warmth of traditional harvest colors or the soothing calm of winter hues, consider going bold with your favorite vibrant shade of paint. Or, use a relaxed neutral that provides the perfect backdrop for colorful accessories.

As the brilliant sights and sounds of warm weather once again emerge, many of us instinctively turn our attention to sprucing up the inside of our homes.

The no-no’s about using hardwood near a water source are vanishing. And while allowing water to rest on a wooden surface for extended periods will always be a no-no, the American Hardwood Information Center,, finds that more design professionals are saying yes to client requests for the warmth, charm and richness of natural wood no matter where it’s used -- in the bath, the kitchen and even the basement.

Forget about the living room. The kitchen is the social hub of a home. Today’s homeowners update their kitchens to reflect their personal tastes and add visual appeal their guests can enjoy when they entertain. But how do you get a custom look in your kitchen without the hefty price tag?

As the plants outside are sprouting and springing to life, there's no reason your home can't get in on the action. Adorning your home with houseplants is a great way to keep the good feelings of spring going within your home.

Today’s master bathroom combines all the elements of a luxury spa with the comfort of a living room. From living room furniture such as easy chairs, chaise lounges and sofas to fireplaces, refrigerators and coffee makers, the new master bathrooms wrap up the whole house and put it one room!

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