Most homeowners know by now that improvements to bathrooms can bring big returns on investment when it comes time to resell a house. But there’s another equally compelling, often-overlooked reason to freshen your bath – it just feels good.

Do-it-yourself renovations are becoming more and more popular among home owners. Parents are upgrading and adding value to their home at every chance they get, but the kids are getting left behind. A playroom is a great way for parents to give a room back to their kids.

Designing for fashion and designing for the home have many similarities and are easily translatable. It’s all the same elements: color, texture, pattern and silhouette. Bringing fashion trends into the home -- from the runway to your hallway -- is simple and can provide do-it-yourselfers with the inspiration for a new project.

Whether you live in an apartment, sold your house for a condo in the city or simply have smaller rooms in your home, decorating areas with limited space can be a challenge. But by following some simple rules, you can easily utilize the space you have while still projecting your personal style. Here's how.

In 2009, more than 53 percent of American households have at least one HDTV. Retailers haven’t missed the fact that flat-screen televisions are among the few big-ticket items Americans are still willing to buy. They’ve responded by lowering prices and offering deals and incentives that make this a great time to buy.

With the slump in housing sales, more Americans are opting to spruce up their current homes rather than go in search of a new house. And while many housing markets across the country have seen flat or even declining real estate prices, people are spending more than ever to redecorate their homes.

Top-notch gardening tools, expert landscaping advice and high-speed Internet -- whether gardening is your life’s passion or just a now-and-then hobby, today’s homeowners have everything they need to maintain a beautiful lawn and garden right at their fingertips.