With the price of just about everything going up you might think your budget for cabinetry has to go down. While your cabinetry budget may fall, you won’t have to sacrifice style, if you consider jazzing up stock cabinetry with stylish, yet affordable upgrades.

The key to decorating today is to focus less on function and more on emotion. Not that you should bypass the latest conveniences, but to capture a satisfying, cohesive look for your home, begin by asking yourself how you want it to feel.

It’s been a dreary year economically, so now is the perfect time to get creative with your cash and refresh your living space. Check out these interior design and decorating tips to enhance a room for less than $50.

Sure you love your decorative serving platter or casserole dish. But if it just sits in the cabinet collecting dust between the holidays, you may not be making the most of the piece’s decorative potential. When it comes to interior decorating, serveware can be inspirational.

There’s nothing like white to add a cool, clean look to your home. From linens and pillows to china and cabinetry, a splash of white not only adds light to your interiors, but can lighten your mood as well. The kitchen is one of the best spaces to go wild with white.

‘Tis the season for decorating and gift-giving. But don’t overlook important holiday safety techniques just because you’re feeling jolly.

Spring is a time of renewal with flowers and trees blooming, grass greening and warmer temperatures bringing us back to the outdoors. But before you can begin to truly enjoy the fresh air - there are many updates needed to help your patio areas recover from the harsh effects of old man winter. Luckily, with a few spring spruce-up projects, you can achieve a patio revival in only a weekend that's simple, yet looks sensational.

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