Getting married is a dream. Who hasn’t fantasized about the dress, the jewelry, your dad walking you down the aisle, the music, the cake, the reception following the ceremony? Because people travel so much these days, weddings aren’t always local any more. Not being able to directly interact face to face with wedding organizers at the church and reception hall, and vendors who will be handling the cake, photos and flowers, to name a few, can make planning a bit more of a challenge.

Once the big day and honeymoon are over, newlyweds are prone to gaining back the pounds they lost before the wedding and then some. But studies show that losing weight and gaining a healthy lifestyle are much easier to do with a partner by your side.

From a pop of color on a white or ivory wedding gown, to entire themes that carry throughout the flowers, decor, favors and accessories, you can use color to set the mood for guests or make a statement about your personal style. If you’ll be saying your “I do’s” in 2011, here is some advice for using color to help create the wedding of your dreams.

If you find yourself planning an upcoming bridal shower on a budget, have no fear: It’s entirely possible to plan a tasteful, fun and sentimental gathering without breaking the bank.

Smart brides are saving thousands by taking over wedding tasks usually handled by the professionals, from printing invitations to creating their own bouquets. “Making key elements of your wedding yourself, such as favors, centerpieces and even headpieces, is rewarding on many levels,” says Cheryl Galvez, editor of, a Web site that specializes in information and products for do-it-yourselfer brides.

So you’ve just tied the knot, or will soon wed, and you realize that mealtime (among other things) is about to change. If you have any jitters about cooking for two, rest assured that setting up a kitchen and cooking delicious meals — no matter what your budget or time constraints — are well within reach.

You’ve seen it on TV, read it in the news and maybe even heard it from your mother: money is one of the top things married couples fight about. Finances can be a source of strife for engaged couples as well, especially as wedding day bills loom and they face the prospect of merging their money after marriage. Consider these tips to ensure money woes don't cast a shadow over the biggest day of your life.