Looking for an affordable bridal shower gift with a personal touch? A spice gift basket can fit any budget and makes an ideal personal gift for every cook. With just a little thought and a few supplies, you can assemble a personalized basket. With Internet and mail-order shopping, it's possible to buy everything you need without leaving the house.

If you’re getting married in the near future, details surrounding the wedding aren’t all you should be thinking about. You also need to take stock of your stuff. Make sure you and your significant other have enough insurance coverage to replace your home and its contents, should disaster strike.

Finding a gift that really touches the heart is the great challenge of all gift giving, whether the token is for the holidays, a birthday, wedding or other special occasion. A personalized gift is the perfect expression of caring, commitment or gratitude.

On your big day, you want everything to be a true reflection of your taste and style. From looking beautiful when you walk down the aisle to personalized party favors, there are so many elements to think about when planning a wedding.

They may be thousands of miles away, but your out-of-town guests still play an important role in making your wedding day everything you dreamed it could be. With some careful pre-wedding planning and a little help from local family and friends, you can help ensure out-of-towners will make the trip – and enjoy the journey. Here are some tips.

Today, thanks to the Internet and digital printing technology, your choices for unique wedding invitations are virtually limitless. Today’s bride has the ability to truly set the tone of her wedding with invitations that are utterly unique and completely hers.

Honeymoons are big business in the United States. With an average of 2.4 million weddings occurring each year, those happy couples spend $8 billion a year on their honeymoon. With that kind of serious money going into a great honeymoon, it’s no wonder that brides spend a considerable amount of time and effort planning what to pack.