So you’ve just tied the knot, or will soon wed, and you realize that mealtime (among other things) is about to change. If you have any jitters about cooking for two, rest assured that setting up a kitchen and cooking delicious meals — no matter what your budget or time constraints — are well within reach.

The days of summer have finally arrived, and it is time to throw open the windows and bring life back into the home. The summer months are the perfect time to incorporate a seasonal touch of bright colors or fresh flowers to create a relaxed, welcoming look.

For couples about to exchange “I do’s,” a clear understanding of each other’s credit history as singles, and how they will use credit as a couple, is vital to ensure their future wedded bliss.

Planning a wedding can be a high-pressure time, even for couples with a clear vision of what they want and the budget to accomplish it. One aspect of your wedding that doesn’t have to cause stress is choosing wedding favors. Go with something simple, elegant and timeless that will fit the lifestyle of virtually every guest.

Proposing is tough enough, but finding the perfect ring, set with the perfect diamond is even tougher. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Once the excitement of the proposal settles, most couples get started planning their wedding. While the to-do checklist can be huge – depending on how large the wedding is – there are some list items you'll want to take care of early in the planning process.

Celebrities aren’t the only ones with a full schedule of parties this holiday season. You’re already booked for two office parties (yours and his), a family get-together, at least one gathering of friends, a New Year’s party or two, and your child’s holiday pageant. You may be asking yourself the same question every celebutante considers before stepping out on the town: “What am I going to do with this hair?”