Getting married generates no shortage of opportunities to have important conversations with your spouse-to-be. Maybe you can postpone or even dodge altogether some of those talks, but at least one potentially challenging conversation can actually help ensure your marital bliss down the road – the talk about finances.

Wedding season gets into full swing with the arrival of warmer weather, and many couples are busy selecting vendors and the venue, and putting down deposits to lock in their services. Regardless of the size or scope of your wedding, setting a wedding budget can help keep things in perspective and provide a framework for all of your spending.

Pearls are perfect any time, but they seem especially appropriate for weddings. Known by some as the “Queen of Gems,” the classic elegance of pearls transcends centuries and style fads. Nothing looks more beautiful with a bridal gown than a single strand of flawless pearls.

Remember Grandma’s cherished wedding china that only came out of the cabinet for holidays or other special occasions? Or the silverware that made an appearance only when it needed to be polished?

For couples about to exchange “I do’s,” a clear understanding of each other’s credit history as singles, and how they will use credit as a couple, is vital to ensure their future wedded bliss.

Four out of five people with sleeping partners can point to at least one thing their partner does that prevents them from sleeping, according to a survey conducted by Select Comfort and Radisson Hotels & Resorts. Room temperature is the hardest issue to compromise on, the survey says.

You’re young, just married and dreaming big. First child. First home. Young families have much to plan for. Planning for financial security should be high on your to-do lists.