Bird watching is one of the fastest-growing hobbies in the country. It's easy, inexpensive and relaxing. Best of all, wild birds are beautiful and fascinating to watch. They're also wonderful to listen to, and with more than 800 species in North America alone, there is something for everyone.

Winter weather can cause challenges for humans, but pet experts say we also need to think about what winter means for our pets, especially those that spend a lot of time outdoors.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that, while veterinary care appointments have been declining, incidents of pet diseases have increased. In particular, totally preventable diseases are on the increase.

Summer has arrived and for many families, that means more fun and festivities, but for pets it can become a stressful time due to increased sudden noise such as thunderstorms, neighborhood festivities and fireworks.

Most people dutifully brush their teeth not only to prevent cavities and gingivitis, but also to keep their breath smelling fresh. In just the same way, regular brushing for dogs can ensure good dental hygiene and reduce the infamous “doggy breath.” Many pet parents believe that bad dog breath is a package deal and comes along with having a dog. While a common misconception, this is not true -- bad dog breath is a symptom of poor oral hygiene. Therefore, it’s important that pet owners recognize this and take steps to improve their dog’s oral health.

Family pets cherish the home environment – it’s where they curl up on the living room floor, wait patiently for a treat in the kitchen, and patrol the halls making sure loved ones are safe and sound. Although pets are undeniably loveable, the animal dander and other allergens that accompany these furry friends can jeopardize the well-being of those in the home.

You vaccinate your dog against rabies, and take the right steps to ensure she’s not at risk from heartworms and other parasites. But do you know how to recognize early signs of one of the most common – and malignant – forms of cancer in your best friend?