When it comes to caring for our pets’ health, most of us don’t bat an eye when it comes to spending money on expensive prescriptions or common health problems. But now pet owners are seeking out ways to keep their vet bills down while maintaining the health and happiness of their pets.

Pet owners understand extra cleaning is part of the deal when bringing a puppy into their homes and lives. Cleaning up after a dog is enough work in itself, so the last thing any owner wants is a pooch that is agitated by the sights and sounds of cleaning. There are several techniques that can help your dog stay calm when you reach for your sponge.

With warm weather here, pets as well as people are spending more time outdoors. But is your pet protected from one of the most common — and deadly — diseases?

When the warm summer months roll around, our dogs are just as eager as we are to get outside and enjoy the season. Whether he tells you by nudging his leash or staring at the door knob, one way or another, your pup knows it's time for some fun in the sun.

As the popularity of organic food grows and people realize the benefits of a diet rich in natural ingredients for their families, parents are now looking for safe and healthy foods for their four-legged “kids” too. Here's tips from a veterinarian and animal nutritionist on how to switch your pet's diet.

A gift of unconditional love seems the perfect message to send for Valentine’s Day, but if you are thinking of giving a puppy as a gift for the holiday, you might be barking up the wrong tree.

All too often when a disaster strikes, our four-legged friends are left to fend for themselves and sometimes end up lost, injured or killed. The best way to avoid this tragic scenario is to have a well-thought-out disaster plan that includes Fido, so you know where to go and what to take.