Summer is the perfect time to bring together family and friends to enjoy the outdoors. Dust off the grill, lay out a fresh blanket and enjoy delicious food while soaking up the sun with the ones you love. Here are some tips for hoting the perfect summer party.

Everyone reaches for comfort foods and junk food when stressed out. You know you shouldn’t, but you probably feel you need something to help you during that intense period of time when stress is king. It all comes down to food choices where stress and food are concerned.

Have you found yourself searching for more labels that carry the “gluten-free” tag? There are many reasons you might be doing this, but for many people the search for gluten-free starts with celiac disease. If you or someone in your home is gluten-free this holiday season, here are tips for avoiding gluten in your celebratory meals.

Holiday meals are special times to bring the family together and entertain loved ones. While entertaining during the holidays is enjoyable, it requires meal planning and a lot of time in the kitchen – especially when hosting a large group. Serving brunch is a perfect way to create an elegant meal with ease. Adding slight touches to typical brunch dishes can turn a usual weekend occurrence into a special holiday meal.

Fat is the enemy – that's the philosophy of many Americans who are trying to lose excess weight. While plenty of proven health risks can be tied to carrying extra pounds, not all fat is bad, experts say. In fact dietary fat is considered an essential nutrient, and some "good" types of fat actually deliver a myriad of health benefits – including aiding in weight control.

Many individuals and families devote the holidays to visiting with friends and families or slipping away from the hustle and bustle for a little R and R, but the festive season is also known for eating. And lots of it. Turkey, hams, pies, pumpkins, stuffing, latkes, candy canes, chocolates, you name it, it is being consumed. So whether traveling far or near, here is a list of the top towns to get your eat on over the holidays.

Emeril Lagasse knows a thing or two when it comes to adding some flavor into life. Known for his signature big, bold flavors, Lagasse has mastered the art of cooking. Here are some of his tips to spice up everyday life.