Soaring numbers of people with Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease are convincing us that it’s time to start eating healthier. Now the push is on to raise awareness about the benefits of whole foods, which include fruits, vegetables and grains that have had little to no processing. They are so good for you, the U.S.D.A. recommends Americans consume at least 12 servings of whole foods every day.

When you're looking for something you and your child can do together, head for the kitchen and stir up something good to eat. Cooking can be both educational and fun and often results in a tasty treat, too.

Think it’s tough managing your grocery budget and making the most of family mealtime? Meet Kathryn Sansone, a mother of 10 who puts dinner on the table six nights a week. If anyone knows the value of stretching the dinner table dollar, it’s the woman who sets a table for 12 almost every night of the week.

Saving money is on everyone’s mind these days. Gas prices may have fallen, but other costs are still rising. One place Americans are being more frugal than ever is with their food budgets.

Farmed catfish is so easy to cook, there’s no need to fear cooking catfish at home -- grilled, broiled, sautéed or baked, it is difficult to overcook so count on it being tender and moist every time. Try this family-pleasing quick and easy Pecan-Crusted Catfish tonight.

A 30-minute cardio workout just three times a week, plus walking an additional 120 minutes per week, can yield major decreases in a woman's weight, body fat, inches, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, studies show. Here's how one cardio-phobic mother of four made the formula work for her.

For many parents, getting the kids up and out the door with a good breakfast under their belts is a stressful part of the back-to-school routine. Here are four ideas for minimizing the stress of back-to-school breakfast-time, while ensuring kids get a healthful start to the day.