Comfort foods remind us of home, warmth and family; they are often simple, everyday foods we had as children. They tend to be hearty, cold-weather dishes based on meats, cheeses and carbohydrates – all of which can pack on the pounds. But even if you’re trying to reduce that holiday bulge, you can still enjoy your favorite comfort foods. Just make them healthier.

This season, strive to update your look by dedicating your decorating time to the area where guests gather to eat. A well-appointed tabletop can elevate an everyday meal to an elegant and sophisticated soiree.

Every day, millions of people pick up their lattes or cappuccinos as they rush between tasks or when they need a moment to relax. However, have you ever paused to wonder “What’s in my latte?” or “What exactly is espresso?”

During the colder season, our hunger instincts can emerge causing us to seek out the cozy foods we knew and loved as children. These days those same foods impact our waistlines, rack up thousands of calories and are high in fat. You can still nestle up with your favorite foods this winter without sacrificing flavor and compromising diet by making a few easy modifications.

With the kids back in school and the holidays a heartbeat away, this is a busy time for mothers everywhere. While you’re busy taking care of the family and work, you might forget to take care of yourself. But this busy fall season, there’s an easy and delicious way to do something good for your health – eat a pear.

Halloween decorations and costumes are meant to be frightfully fun, but the price tag for pulling together the big night doesn’t have to be scary. Here are three fun and unexpected ways to keep costs low and let the creativity shine with enchanting accessories, do-it-yourself decorations and devilishly simple party planning.

Whether it’s whipping up a new weeknight dish for the family or testing your skills at creating a culinary masterpiece, it can sometimes seem too daunting and time consuming to realize your true potential for greatness in the kitchen. But unleashing your inner chef might be easier than you think.