Did you know more babies are born in August than any other month of the year? According to data from the CDC, there is a “baby boom” from July to September -- meaning most women become pregnant during the cooler nine months prior. For all moms who are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, it’s important to have a healthy diet of nutrient-rich foods. By following clear advice from health experts, moms-to-be can ensure their health and boost their baby’s growth.

Planning to entertain this summer? If so, you'll need some quick and easy recipes sure to wow the crowds? You can’t go wrong by incorporating fruits of the season into your recipes, and you’d better act fast if you want to enjoy one of the most coveted delicacies of the year.

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Hang the mistletoe, deck the halls and let the party planning begin. To help make your holiday gatherings a stress-free experience, here are some tips for easy entertaining from Deborah Locke, product manager and test kitchen director for RiceSelect, makers of Texmati rice.

You may love sea salt on your morning eggs, but be careful not to use it for your holiday baking. Despite what you may have heard, sea salt and table salt are essentially the same: both are nearly 100 percent sodium chloride. They also both originate from sea water, with table salt coming from deposits of ancient seas. The only significant distinction between them comes from the size and shape of the salt crystals, which can be extremely important when you’re baking.

Celebrating the holidays and seasonal football games means celebrating with food. You’ll be digging out old family recipes, scouring magazines and newspapers for new menu items, hosting or attending cookie exchange parties and scheduling entire days around "the big meal."

Entertaining is all about enjoying nature at its finest. On a sunny afternoon or a warm, starlit evening, a grilling get-together is the perfect way to celebrate both the beauty of the season and the bounty of fresh foods that it brings.

Sara Lee Chef and busy mother Jill Houk understands the importance of finding a simple and delicious dinner that involves the entire family. Her solution: the grill. Often solely associated with summer months, fall grilling allows families to capitalize on the time they have together creating an enjoyable and collaborative cooking experience.