This summer, dads everywhere will be manning backyard barbeque grills. Those who have just your basic grill will most likely stick to what they know. But this year, you can help make dad’s dream of creating professional chef quality results come true by letting him in on the ‘secret’ to professional grilling.

Today’s busy American lifestyle is making it increasingly difficult to eat right, exercise and stay healthy. Americans might be surprised to learn that they can help meet daily nutritional guidelines by fitting in fiber -- and a little goes a long way.

“Grab the ice cream and bring on the chocolate!” While this may be a typical response to a bad mood for many, studies have shown that eating junk food can actually make you feel even worse. In fact, there are both physical and emotional side effects of chowing down on unhealthy foods that may make you want to rethink your decision to overindulge.

The holidays are a time for gathering together with family and friends and enjoying delicious food. But when you are deciding what to serve or bring to your next celebration, don’t feel that you have to toil away in the kitchen for hours or even break the budget to provide tasty treats for your guests.

While a little burning is expected when you fire up the grill, a leading gastroenterologist says that if you follow some simple, at-home guidelines, you may be able to avoid the burning sensation in your chest.

Whether it’s your 30th birthday, a holiday or the end of the week, any occasion can become a celebration, and any celebration can bring out the unexpected. That’s the philosophy of entertaining guru Phoebe Fontaine, the new face of Vanity Fair napkins, who’s helping everyone welcome guests with newfound flair.

For health-conscious consumers looking to cut calories, reducing their sugar consumption can be a good start. Concerns over the long-term health impact of non-sugar sweeteners have kept some consumers from replacing the added sugar in their diet with healthier alternatives. All natural sugar alternatives are available.