Deciding what to snack on should be a conscious and active decision, with nutritional benefits and serving size in mind. Here are some healthy ideas for you.

Does it seem like the kids start talking about Halloween as soon as school starts again? Fun costumes, spooky decor and heaps of candy – no wonder kids love Halloween. And for adults, having a happy Halloween can help set an upbeat tone for all the end-of-year holidays. With that much love of the holiday floating around, it makes sense to seek out unique Halloween ideas before the big day arrives.

Travel and food go together like sun and sand. In fact, dining on regional specialties is fast becoming the heart and soul of a vacation. On vacation, travelers can sample delicious local dishes that are normally not prepared at home, and they needn’t even venture abroad for these memorable culinary experiences.

Thanks to the Internet, creating a self-published cookbook is a simple and inexpensive project. You don’t need formal culinary training programs to accomplish this project. With the right dedication, anyone can do it.

A great gift, given in a way that tells the recipient how much he or she is valued, respected and wished well, is the essence of the holiday spirit. You can recapture the grace and thoughtfulness of a bygone era this holiday season with a few tips.

Don’t look now, but your family is descending upon your house for a visit. Have no fear. Entertaining at home can be as easy as pie if you remember what your mother taught you when crossing the street: Stop. Look. And listen. The same lesson applies to entertaining.

When it comes to foods that inspire love, we’ve heard of all the usual suspects – chocolate, wine, and even strawberries. But there’s another aphrodisiac out there – one that’s easy to prepare, fun to eat, and as near as your local supermarket: mussels.