From organic produce to low-phosphate detergents – home is the heart of all things green. Whatever touches the kitchen and bath has become the first place for consumer evaluation and potential adoption.

A wide range of tax law changes over the last year will result in considerable savings for millions of Americans on their 2009 federal tax returns. Homebuyers and homeowners have some of the most to gain from the changes.

No matter the season, families can reduce, reuse and recycle with a little planning and organization. With a wealth of information available at your fingertips, it’s easy to develop a plan that fits your family.

Hardwood floors add beauty, warmth and lasting value to any home. Combine that beauty and durability with the comfort, decorating freedom and the lower cost benefits of radiant heat, and you have a great combination. Add the overall environmental benefits and it is win-win all around.

Take a look around at some of the products being sold by your favorite retailers today and you’ll see that “going green” isn’t just a catch phrase anymore; it’s a way of living. In fact, there are more environmentally-friendly home-decorating products to choose from than ever before.

Fresh food is harder to come by once the last leaves fall and the frost sets in, but there are still a number of ways you can keep your commitment to eating locally alive year-round.

The top gardening trends for 2009 reveal a resurgence in perennials, growing native plants, creating "blended" gardens using vegetables and herbs in flower beds, cultivating with best practices, planting to attract wildlife and going local.