For warmth and beauty in the home, it’s hard to beat the ambience of a real wood-burning stove or fireplace. Homeowners now have another reason to warm up to one – they may qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $1,500.

Small, simple steps can green your lifestyle and save you some money at the same time. Shopping, for example, is one area where you can apply the principals of recycling in a way that benefits the environment and your wallet. Here are a few tips for greening your buying routine.

By providing homebuyers with green features at lower cost, homebuilders can help to reduce global warming emissions and preserve the environment without placing undue burden on the homeowner. Here are some ideas on how it's being done.

Now that spring is here, your dog will be outside a lot more, and will probably need baths more frequently. But have you ever considered what is in the soaps and shampoos and other products you buy for your pet?

“Children are our future.” It’s a phrase heard so often, that it’s easy to take for granted how powerful the sentiment truly is. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. And just as we want to take simple steps to ensure a healthier planet for generations to come, children today are increasingly passionate about doing their part too.

From picture-perfect roses to containers that are works of art, spring 2009 promises wonderful color and exciting new products for garden lovers everywhere.

Spring is here, and after the long winter many people are taking the opportunity to do some much-needed maintenance to their homes, lawns and gardens. While you are pulling together your “honey-do” list, consider making some eco-conscious or green changes, which will help you shrink your carbon footprint and save money.