While e-filing of tax returns continues to grow in popularity and hard copy returns become a thing of the past, Americans still send and receive a large quantity of confidential information on paper documents. W-2 forms, old pay stubs and investment information -- all can leave you vulnerable to identity theft.

They are the loneliest gifts of the year. The guitar that sits in its case. The skis that remain stacked in the closet. Skill-based gifts seem like a great idea during the holiday season, but are often too challenging for children to learn and are pushed aside for the latest digital goodies. This does not mean parents should shy away from skill-building gifts, as they can be excellent developmental aids and a lot of fun for kids.

The United States is the most severe-weather prone country on Earth according to the National Weather Service. Hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and other natural disasters can strike without warning and force you to evacuate your home or cause disruptions in mail service.

The Internet is full of recommendations for inspirational meals, suggestions for planning dinners in advance, or tips on everything from organizing and sharing recipes to calculating ingredient quantities. Here are some places to get started, even if it’s 5 p.m. and everyone’s asking, “What’s for dinner?”

Busy families across the country can all agree on one thing – there is too much going on and never enough time to get it all done. Keeping track of a family’s overcrowded schedule can require the skills of a master juggler and seasoned negotiator.

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, but can lighting up also be bad for your career? Non-smoking colleagues may feel they are shouldering more than their fair share of work while smokers are outside having a cigarette. Many employers also believe smokers are less productive, and considering that smokers are more likely to take sick time, there is certainly evidence to support their beliefs. Whether you're motivated to quit for your health - or your paycheck - here are tips for kicking the habit.

Today’s suet is not the messy, hard-to-manage lump of congealed animal fat that your grandparents had to contend with. Modern suet has gone gourmet, and can be served in convenient suet cakes, suet kibbles, suet nuts and suet pearls loaded with treats that backyard birds adore, like nuts, grains and berries.