A new survey shows that while a majority of American adults volunteer, a significant number of others are willing to serve -- but don’t.

There are 78.2 million baby boomers according to the U.S. Census Bureau. If you are one of them, born between 1946 and 1964, you might soon look at your house with a new perspective. Here are some smart ideas from the pros about what you can easily do to your home to make it more safe and secure.

The fabrics you pick for your upholstery pieces and the lighting fixtures you place overhead and at tabletop height can make a room sparkle or fall flat. Here are some tips to get your room to sparkle from Candice Olson, celebrated interior designer and TV host.

Between family reunions and the holidays, you're probably planning on having guests in your house at least once this holiday season. Some planning and preparation to keep your home in tip-top shape can help you be ready at a moment’s notice for anyone, especially unexpected guests. There are simple steps you can take now that will save you time and energy down the road when the holiday season gets busy.

Faced with higher prices for everything from gas and groceries to gifts and goods, many consumers are looking for creative ways to stretch their dollars this summer. Here are some tips for savvy shoppers.

Images of communities devastated last year by extreme weather may have you wondering how you can protect your family in the face of Mother Nature’s wrath. The best defense is to be prepared before a storm or hurricane is headed towards your home.. Always be ready to get your loved ones to a safe place or evacuate if required.

Summer is all about spontaneous getaways, romantic interludes and young love, but the current economic condition can take its toll on your relationship. With financial stresses at an all time high, it's often easy to put your romance on the backburner.