Forget about the living room. The kitchen is the social hub of a home. Today’s homeowners update their kitchens to reflect their personal tastes and add visual appeal their guests can enjoy when they entertain. But how do you get a custom look in your kitchen without the hefty price tag?

Investing in a vacation property is an investment in memories. It promotes relaxation and spending quality time with friends and family. But with all the options available, there are a lot of things that should be considered before making a final decision. Here's an easy to compare list of postives and negatives for each option.

Once temperatures drop, you may not want to spend long periods of time outside. Fall’s the time to get your garage in shape for the coming winter. With a few simple steps you can accomplish a thorough update.

Home buyers and sellers – the relationship may seem like it should be more adversarial than ever, given the current market. Coming at the real estate equation from opposite sides, buyers and sellers may feel they have little in common. The truth is, however, that both groups share a common path to real estate success – the Internet.

Want a good way to help protect the value of your home? Remember these two words: green matters. Not green paint, mind you, but green space. It’s an umbrella term for the trees, lawn, shrubs and other plantings that can affect not only the salability of your home, but your utility bills as well.

The green movement is underway and concerned Americans are looking for ways to do their part to reduce energy use and pollution, and preserve natural resources.

Protecting your home means you’re pitted in a constant struggle against the forces of nature. Products and improvements that help you beat the weather are a smart investment.

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