Sunrooms blur the lines between indoors and out, and can provide homeowners with the feeling that they are getting away from it all, like they are taking a vacation in their own home.

Imagine the excitement and anticipation of building a new home. After a long wait and hundreds of thousands of dollars, the day arrives when you unlock the door and step inside. As you walk in, the floor creaks and feels bouncy. Everything else seems perfect, but a squeaky floor makes you wonder about the quality of the home. You can avoid this and similar disappointments by taking time up front to ask your builder some simple, yet critical, questions about the home’s structural framing.

New flooring, no matter what type you select, is more affordable than you may think. The key to success in finding the right floor is to go to a reputable, high-quality flooring retailer who can help you make sense of all the choices available in today’s diverse marketplace.

The advantage typically tilts toward those buying homes in today’s housing market. Interest rates are low and housing inventories are up. But the tricky part for everyone is that buyers are often also the sellers and typically depend on selling their existing home to buy a new one.

It’s a home comfort emergency. Your air conditioning system breaks down in the middle of a heat wave, or your current heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system sounds and feels like it’s on its last legs. When you need to replace your system quickly, what should you do?

If you’ve bought or sold a home recently, you know that being on either end of the transaction can be stressful. Buyers may be under pressure to find a home quickly, for example, if they are transferring to a new job from a different location. Sellers want to get the best price in the shortest amount of time.

With escalating energy costs and rising prices for home improvement projects, everyone is looking for ways to conserve and cut costs without breaking the bank on the initial investment. Adding a simple storm door may be the answer.