Finding the perfect holiday gift for a guy can be challenging to say the least. Getting a helping hand to navigate through the endless list of products is always a welcome relief. Here is a list of products, in a variety of price ranges, that might just be perfect for the guy on your list this holiday season. After all, how many pairs of socks can he wear?

Does it ever seem like the more things new technology can do, the more complicated using it becomes? And sometimes it's so complicated you don't feel like using it at all? If so, you're not alone. If you have a place in your life for uncomplicated technology, here are five tech tools that are both easy to use and elegantly useful.

Members of the Sandwich Generation, those born between 1946 and 1964, face many of the same challenges -- simultaneously caring for and supporting their aging parents, children still living at home and in some cases their grandchildren as well. Here's a place they can turn for help meeting their challenges.

The trend towards longer hours and diminished personal time is not new, but reinforces the need for professionals to be mindful of tools and techniques that can enable them to be effective at work and still enjoy balance. Here are some tips on getting organized.

You may not have noticed it, because of larger technological breakthroughs such as hybrid cars and solar energy, but a new class of home conveniences is emerging to make day-to-day activities easier and more time efficient. Every day new products are developed and old ones are given high-tech makeovers.

Before you go to the expense of purchasing a digital camera, you may want to familiarize yourself with the types of digital cameras and some of the specifications. Many professional photographers use specific digital cameras depending on the type of pictures they want to take.

Looking for ways to pamper the woman in your life that will make her eyes light up? How about getting her something she really needs . . . an excuse to take more time to relax and pamper herself. Whether that means lunch with the girls, a manicure, or some peaceful moments in front of the TV watching her favorite program.