Lung cancer kills more people each year than any other form of cancer. However, a recent medical study found that one screening procedure for those who are at the most risk for lung cancer could be helpful in catching lung cancer in its early stages.

How many times during your life have you said, “I wish I had a camera"? Celebrations, family gatherings, first moments for children and more are made to capture for the ages. But how do you take the perfect photos and what is the best way to share them with others?

Want to learn how to make money on the stock market while driving to work? Or find out how to get into the college of your choice while roller blading? Or even hear about the latest trends in home decorating while preparing dinner?

The holidays are in full swing, and customers are being greeted by an array of new technologies on retailers’ shelves. People are seeing that technological advancements have changed things significantly not only in the consumer world but also in the business world. These changes are allowing organizations to be more efficient than ever before and are helping businesses beat the competition.

For those of us who use our hands 24/7 (and who doesn’t?), we constantly put our health in jeopardy by subjecting our hands and wrists to repetitive motions.

When it comes to the safety and security of your home, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the latest technology. Criminals are getting smarter and millions of Americans are falling victim to home burglaries. Some of the most high-tech home security products are not only easy to use, they’re easy to install. Here’s an overview of the top five high-tech home security products on the market today.

Whether you’re looking to get engaged, upgrade your wedding set or just give a gift that will leave her gasping in delight, a diamond is always a good choice. More shoppers than ever are eschewing busy malls in favor of online shopping, and diamond buyers are no exception.