As the summer heats up, you can be sure of two things: Americans will be on the move and they’ll be looking for their favorite technologies to make the ride more enjoyable.

The message becomes clearer the more it’s repeated: America needs to catch up when it comes to science and math. International student tests have shown that America’s students lag behind their peers in other countries, and many feel that it’s essential to gain ground in those fields if America’s future is truly going to be bright.

With more people than ever before flocking to social networks and loading their computers with digital media, many are recognizing the need to get their digital clutter under control. This year, the trend is to organize your digital world, which as most of us know, can be a huge mess.

With more families using home networking for everything from storing photos to downloading music and videos, a new challenge has evolved: how to store large amounts of data in a way that can be accessed by every member of the family.

Members of the Sandwich Generation, those born between 1946 and 1964, face many of the same challenges -- simultaneously caring for and supporting their aging parents, children still living at home and in some cases their grandchildren as well. Here's a place they can turn for help meeting their challenges.

Most of us love our wireless phones. The companies that provide our wireless service, however ... well, not so much, according to a new survey.

No one’s quite ready to cancel the holidays because of the economy, but sales and promotions will be a deciding factor for 40 percent of holiday shoppers this year. And 44 percent of shoppers looking for a deal are going to search online. Here's how to find the best online bargains this holiday season.