Summer will be here before you know it and since the kids are out of school, it’s a popular time of year for family reunions. But, how do you get your child excited about visiting with relatives?

Today, millions of Americans interact, meet, date – and even marry – thanks to dating sites. Unfortunately, not everyone you might meet online is looking for romance. Some are looking to cheat unsuspecting love-seekers out of their valuable personally identifiable information which is then used for identity theft. If you’ll be looking for love online this Valentine’s Day, keep these safety tips in mind.

During unsettling economic times, people tend to get "back to basics" by cocooning more with their families, avoiding high-ticket expenditures and looking for ways to repurpose and re-use existing items. Next year's home decorating trends clearly reflect this comfort-focused and cost-conscious mentality by emphasizing soothing color palettes, natural materials, environmentally friendly products, and "old made new again" furnishings, wall murals and textiles.

Most of us love our wireless phones. The companies that provide our wireless service, however ... well, not so much, according to a new survey.

From digitizing and analyzing America’s health records to developing the next big video game or hardware program, careers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields continue to gain prominence in the work force. As employment opportunities within these new and emerging industries continue to expand, educational institutions are taking a look at refining curriculums to provide career-focused higher education, and better prepare students for careers in specific fields.

While print textbooks remain the foundation of higher education course materials, publishers are creating new digital applications that enable institutions and faculty to become more effective, and engage digital learners to enhance their academic achievement and succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy.

A new flat screen could be just what your family needs to make the holiday season especially bright this year. But when the TV is finally plugged in, don’t overlook one important caveat that comes with owning a heavy piece of equipment that is wider than your toddler is tall – safety. Like any other piece of heavy furniture, a flat screen can easily tip over and hurt someone if it’s not properly secured.