Getting great deals on gently used items is not a new concept, as thrift stores and consignment shops have been around for ages. But the Internet has brought forward a new age in thrifting, as buyers can browse items and connect with sellers more easily than ever. A number of online enterprises have also popped up for the sole purpose of peddling refurbished items at low prices.

Whether you’re looking to get engaged, upgrade your wedding set or just give a gift that will leave her gasping in delight, a diamond is always a good choice. More shoppers than ever are eschewing busy malls in favor of online shopping, and diamond buyers are no exception.

Whether you’ve moved into your home recently or been there a while, there’s an “itch” every homeowner feels at one time or another -- the need to redecorate.

The holiday season is a great time to gather with family and friends in your home to celebrate the season. In the rush of decorating the home and shopping for gifts, many people overlook simple safety precautions.

Practically everyone you know has one these days, but you haven’t made the leap from your trusty cell phone to the latest craze in mobile technology – the smartphone. You’re not alone, but you might be soon. According to the Nielsen Company, smartphones will overtake regular cell phones in the U.S. by the end of 2011.

For years, 3D technology was limited to amusement park attractions and comic books. But in 2010, 3D is everywhere -- even in your living room. Here’s an overview of the most anticipated 3D products rolling out in 2010 . . .

Most Americans view their tax return as a document that represents all things financial to them -- containing both personal and financial information for all household members. As the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) attempts to motivate Americans to electronically file their tax returns, the future can seem a little scary for the millions of taxpayers who have continued to prepare their tax returns manually.