Seventeen million pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students in the U.S. will get at least some of their education virtually by 2015, according to new research from Ambient Insight. More than four million of these students will get their entire educations virtually, from full-time virtual schools.

Despite a battered economy, most of us aren’t ready to give up summer travel. If you’re among the millions trying to travel smarter this summer, the right travel tools can significantly increase your savvy factor.

High gas prices, rising movie theater ticket costs and advances in 3-D technology just might make this your year to invest your money in a 3-D home theater, rather than a summer vacation. Whether you’re creating a 3-D home theater from scratch or upgrading an existing home theater to 3-D, you should keep a few considerations in mind.

Kids, computers and the Internet -- it can be a formula for fun and education or, if not wisely managed, a jungle of pitfalls and potentially dangerous situations for kids in the 21st century. It can take lots of dedication to effectively control your child’s access to a home PC and the Internet. But for many busy parents the prospect of having to buy, install and maintain cybersafety filters and time management programs can be daunting.

Have government or manufacturer rebate programs enticed you to purchase a new home appliance, like a clothes washer or refrigerator? Or are you simply in the market to upgrade? Before purchasing any major appliance, it’s important to consider all your options before you make a final decision.

Until now, there’s been nothing quite like the experience of catching your favorite flick in the theater, but today’s technology makes it possible to bring the magic of the theater experience to your home. Each year, home theater equipment becomes more sophisticated and affordable, allowing more homeowners to turn their family rooms into screening rooms.

From shopping to working to banking, Americans are doing it all online. Consumers need their private information to be safe, but at the same time, they want the speed and convenience of instant transactions, all without giving it a second thought. Information security specialists are in the shadows, ensuring consumer and business data security worldwide.