Technology gadgets are big holiday gift items this year – as are all the accessories that can accompany them. Three out of four adults say they or someone in their household own a mobile phone or smart phone, 64 percent own a laptop computer and 49 percent own an MP3 player or iPod, according to a recent Ipsos survey – which shows just how popular these items are.

Activities such as soccer practice, football games, student council meetings, volunteer events and parent-teacher conferences tend to fill family schedules in the fall, quickly replacing the lazy days of summer with extracurricular activities. While many find it refreshing for the family unit to get back into a routine, hectic schedules can often lead to miscommunication among family members and a relaxed attitude toward safety.

Identity thieves, spammers, hackers and other online evildoers will have a lot to be happy about – and plenty of opportunities – this holiday season. Protecting your PC – and all the personal information it either holds or transmits for you on a daily basis – is more important than ever during the holidays. To avoid falling prey to online threats this holiday season, follow these simple steps.

Performing routine maintenance on high-tech devices such as computers, laptops and tablets is easier said than done. For many, computer maintenance is just too scary, confusing or not a priority. With these easy tips, your computer will keep running quick and smooth without a lot of hassle.

What’s your definition of high definition? Greener grass, perhaps. Or facial flaws. To some it could be slow-motion eye candy paired with a soothing British voiceover. But the actual definition of high definition is simple: it’s an improved lifestyle - the lifestyle of satellite TV.

Scam artists are always changing their schemes in an effort to trick consumers into handing over money or personal information. One of the latest scams involves hacking into social networking sites and then targeting specific friends in the victim's account.

When it comes to the working world, there are myths and there are realities. Attaining a promotion by simply showing up on time and doing your job proficiently is the stuff of folklore. These days, employees have to really prove their worth to gain advancement, as many employers are asking employees to do more with fewer resources, find hidden efficiencies and keep operating costs low.

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