Even the most tech-savvy traveler can fall prey to privacy problems when taking their laptops or cell phones on the road. Here are some safety tips for high tech travelers.

The classic American road trip is no longer just for cashless college kids; men of all ages are taking to the road for a unique vacation where driving is just as much a part of the trip as the destination itself. If you work hard every day, maybe it’s time to exchange that button-up for a casual T-shirt and gather your crew to experience the freedom and adventure of the open road. If you’re wondering if a road trip is right for you and your more mature friends, a few practical measures can help ensure it is fun for everyone.

Those who live in America’s mountainous regions call it “mud season” — that time of year between April and June when the ground doesn’t have enough snow on it to ski but is still too soupy to hike, camp, fish, or get out and enjoy nature. It’s a time when those in winter climates look to get away, and this year, you should, too.

The hassle of air travel and the pinch of tough economic times will inspire more families than ever to hit the road for vacations this summer. But is your car equipped to entertain passengers for the long haul? The right entertainment can make your road trip fly by as quickly as the scenery outside the car.

We all know accidents happen – and they happen more frequently in bad weather. According to the AAA, loss of visibility, slick roads and poorly maintained brakes lead to thousands of accidents every year, and the highest number of weather-related injuries and fatalities occur during the wet and snowy months of winter.

Summer is here — and for many, long weekends and sweltering temps inspire wanderlust and a sudden urge to relax on a far-away beach with a frosty beverage. While traveling is a great way to renew and recharge, the long flights, time zone changes and disruption of typical diet and exercise schedules can be anything but relaxing, and can even cause digestive discomfort.

Life is hectic enough and in these economic times, it’s all the more important to carefully manage your money in a way that fits into your lifestyle. Utilizing tools that offer easy access to and constant control of your cash can save you valuable time and hassle.