It’s a syndrome that affects more than 5 million Americans – and probably more: heart failure. Heart failure is a serious illness that can affect your quality of life and how long you live. With proper medications in the right doses and careful management, you can live longer and feel better.

In 2003, Courtney Roush was a 20-year-old sophomore at Ohio University, when she began to experience back pain, fatigue and weight loss. Initially, she didn’t give it much thought. But when a random check at a local drug store revealed extremely high blood pressure -- Courtney knew something wasn’t quite right. A series of tests concluded Courtney had an 8 pound tumor; and a biopsy confirmed the diagnosis -- Retroperitoneal Sarcoma.

If you are one of the 60 to 70 million Americans that suffer from digestive problems, then you probably need more probiotics in your system. The term probiotics refers to dietary supplements or foods that contain beneficial or “good” bacteria normally found in your body. These “good” microorganisms aid in digestion and keep the bad bacteria at bay. Here's how to get probiotics into your diet.

Retirement planning requires a healthy amount of discipline and focus. You want to make sure you have enough money saved to maintain your lifestyle, but the truth is there’s more to successful retirement than an oversized IRA.

Here's where long distance caregivers can turn for the help they need.

OK, so you’re in a relationship with the man of your dreams. He’s handsome, charming, successful; you’ve never been happier. He’s perfect….well…almost. There’s just that one thing you wish was different…but how do you let him know that it’s time for just one little change? Answer: You don’t.

Flu season is a time of year that many parents dread. It can be inconvenient and costly to take time off of work to care for a sick child and maintain a germ-free home during flu outbreaks in your community. But what many parents also don't realize is that the flu can be more than just a temporary nuisance; it is much more serious than the common cold, and can even cause death in some children. That is why getting a flu shot every flu season is so important, especially for children who attend child care.