No one wants to think about being in an auto accident. But even the safest drivers can be involved in an accident, and the fact is that if it happens to you, knowing what to do and being prepared will help you deal with an accident.

Your baby is precious and perfect in your eyes, except for the fact she cries night and day! Your pediatrician says it is colic, but what does that really mean?

Flu season is a time of year that many parents dread. It can be inconvenient and costly to take time off of work to care for a sick child and maintain a germ-free home during flu outbreaks in your community. But what many parents also don't realize is that the flu can be more than just a temporary nuisance; it is much more serious than the common cold, and can even cause death in some children. That is why getting a flu shot every flu season is so important, especially for children who attend child care.

Winter is the season for being cozy, while spending long days and nights inside the comfort of our tightly closed homes. It’s also an infamous time for feeling dry and under-the-weather. With people spending more time indoors, air circulation is compromised, and the level of contaminants increases. Fleeting freshness and moisture take a toll on our skin, throats, noses and overall health, and can be especially harmful to those suffering from allergies and asthma.

When you were a kid, you probably did a little hula hooping during gym class. Back then you may have thought it was all fun and games and maybe a bit silly but turns out your gym teacher was on to something. Turns out hula hooping is good for you.

Have you started the process of getting your household winterized? If not, you’re running out of time. Soon the snow will start falling in Northern climates and cool, dry weather will be predominant in the South. Now is the time to dig out those winter clothes, seal up leaky doors and windows and start moisturizing your skin.

Do you take clean water for granted? As one of the basic necessities of life, you are constantly consuming water. Whether you are drinking it, cleaning with it or using it in your home appliances, the quality of your water affects your life.