Sometimes a small change in your diet can lead to big results. Americans are continuing to recognize that maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes making smart food choices. A good place to start is making whole grains a staple of your diet, as they provide many nutrients that are fundamental to the health and preservation of our bodies.

Looking to eat better? Tried low-fat and reduced-sodium products, but they just don’t taste the same? If you want to modify your diet without giving up the tastes you love, substituting natural ingredients, rather than modified versions of unhealthy ingredients, could do the trick.

Corporate downsizing and increased unemployment can take a heavy toll on everyone. And the impact is more than economic. Difficult economic times also produce increased incidence of depression as well as a dread of dealing with personal finances. How do you stop thinking about money problems? Think about something else.

Imagine having bones so fragile that everyday activities like bending over, lifting a vacuum cleaner or even coughing can cause a fracture. Unfortunately, this may become a reality in the future for 44 million Americans – 80 percent of them women – threatened by osteoporosis, the “brittle bone” disease.

If your child is being bullied, she’s not alone. About 160,000 children in the United States miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students, according to the National Education Association.

As soon as the snow begins to fall, as it has in most Northern cities across the country, drivers are faced with an entirely new set of challenges on the road. Whether you’ve already done a little slipping and sliding, or are hoping to prevent that scary occurrence altogether, it is important to make yourself aware of 10 road rules that apply in the wintertime...

With everyone trying to do more with less these days, it is easy to become over-stressed. By introducing creativity, variety and excitement to your day, you can help avoid succumbing to everyday stress. For example, planning meals ahead of time can lead to dinnertime smiles instead of a stressful dinner rush.