A glass of wine at happy hour or during a romantic dinner has certain mood-lifting benefits – that’s long been known. But in recent years, more and more studies have shown that when wine grapes are crushed, more than meal-pairing magic happens.

Dieting is big business. Americans spent more than $43 billion on weight loss products in 2004, according to American Dietetic Association. But too many people wind up wasting their hard-earned money on fad diets, unproven products and weight-loss gimmicks that just don’t work. Still, the fads keep coming -- and coming back.

Each February brings the pressure for the perfect date night for married and dating couples across the country. This Valentine's Day, instead of dining at the most chic restaurant in town, try treating your special someone to a night in, featuring a homemade meal that is as affordable as it is delicious and extravagant.

When it comes to germs and disease prevention, Dr. Ann Stewart-Akers says it’s just a matter of time. That is, it’s a matter of taking time for simple precautions that a lot of people let slide because they’re in such a hurry. She sees the start of cold and flu season as an opportunity to get people started with the practice of hygiene habits that are important all year round.

Winter comfort foods, and special treats celebrating the arrival of spring and Easter, if you haven't been kind to your body lately, you'll definitely start feeling it. If you wake up each morning feeling bloated, constipated, or crampy, rest assured you are not alone.

With the departure of summer barbecues and the approach of the busy holiday season, more than one family will rethink that familiar question ... “What’s for dinner?”

Health professionals are concerned about belly fat because it can trigger: heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, fatty liver, liver cancer, stress, depression and Alzheimer’s.