If you delay medical treatment for a health problem that you feel isn’t bad enough to justify the cost and time lost from work right now, you could be doing more to sink yourself financially than anything the economy may throw at you.

The juice aisle of the grocery store should be an easy trip for parents looking for healthy drinks for their children. However, shelved right alongside nutritious juices are various fruit “ades,” “cocktails” and “drinks” that look healthy, but contain little juice and lots of added sugar.

Most people know that cats are easy animals to love and care for, and can be wonderful family pets. What you may not know is that owning a cat offers much more than just companionship. Studies show that owning a cat can have numerous benefits on overall mental and physical health for people of all ages. From lowering blood pressure in adults to helping children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), cats are more than just furry friends -- adopting a cat can mean a healthier, happier family.

All fat is not equal. Scientists now see the excess fat around one’s waist as a more dangerous health threat than fat stored in other parts of the body. Here's why.

Americans are taking a closer look at their own personal health and assessing changes they can make, as the topic of health care remains front and center. More and more, people are paying attention to the cost of prevention and care for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, as they have a high risk for health complications.

When the final school bell rings for summer break this year, many children will plan to come home and spend their three-month vacation in front of the television. However, by providing alternative activities that are still fun and exciting for kids, this summer can be more simulating and beneficial for your children.

It’s no secret that water (and lots of it) is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. But what kind of water? As a result of increased negative publicity regarding various drinking water contaminants, people today are more aware and concerned about the quality of the water they drink.