Back to school season can be trying on a family’s budget. In addition to each classroom’s list of school supplies and the kids’ pleas for extras, there are plenty of expenses that don’t appear on the class list. School clothes often top the list and deplete the budget. Learning how to care for clothing is an often overlooked piece of the puzzle.

Celebrities aren’t the only ones with a full schedule of parties this holiday season. You’re already booked for two office parties (yours and his), a family get-together, at least one gathering of friends, a New Year’s party or two, and your child’s holiday pageant. You may be asking yourself the same question every celebutante considers before stepping out on the town: “What am I going to do with this hair?”

It’s time to start thinking about warm weather – and what fashion trends will be sizzling hot this season. It’s never too soon to think about style, says Courtney Hammonds, faculty member in fashion and retail management at The Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur.

It’s true for everyone — regular exercise is one of the keys to good health. It makes you feel energized, eases stress, promotes weight loss and offers a slew of other benefits. These challenges are amplified for athletes with diabetes because despite the amount of activity and unpredictability their lives may include, taking a break from regular insulin delivery and counting carbohydrates at every meal isn’t possible.

It’s your big day and you want to look your best, but there’s no time to worry about your hair. You’re busy planning and celebrating, your hair needs to cooperate through it all.

Jewelry doesn’t have to be pricey to be precious. And if it’s jewelry worth keeping – whether for its sentimental value or because it is expensive – it’s worth keeping it organized so you can find it, wear it and enjoy it whenever you want. Here are some tips for organizing your jewelry.

Maybe it’s the bright sun and warm air. Or perhaps Mother Nature inspires us with the season’s bright colors. Whatever the reason, something about summer makes us want to look our best. But sweat-inducing temperatures, active lifestyles and the inevitable stains that come from summer feasting can make it hard to stay looking good.