One of the toughest challenges to losing weight and staying fit is boredom. Jogging for hours on a treadmill, walking around the same neighborhood blocks, repeating a fitness video for the hundredth time or even following a planned weight lifting routine get old really quickly. Experts usually recommend you vary your workout routines to keep the boredom at bay. Try some unique fitness activities to stay in shape.

The summer season is here and although you may be ready for warm weather and fun in the sun, your wardrobe is not. But many consumers are taking a step back after checking that bank statement. Lucky for you, great summer basics don’t have to break your budget.

Having a good hair day could mean spending money on salon appointments and several products to look as good as you did when you left the salon. But dermatologists say having healthy, beautiful hair doesn’t have to break the bank.

Jewelry is always a perfect gift, and the holidays are no exception. With the range of styles and prices, you’re sure to find a piece that fits your budget and the fashion sense of the recipient.

This fall, millions of kids will be returning to school, clad with new backpacks, lunch boxes and a school wardrobe including the latest in teenage-trendy jeans. With all the styles available for the younger set, it can be a challenge for parents to update their own denim wardrobe by finding a great fit that also flatters.

It’s no secret that pregnancy does not always bring out one’s inner glamour girl. As your waistline and bust balloon, it’s easy to lose all sense of fashion and hide in baggy sweats, oversized button downs, or even your husband’s jeans. Here's expert advice on maintaining your sense of style while waiting for your bundle of joy.

Weddings are often all about the bride. Her gown is passed down through generations. Her hairstyle is planned months in advance. Only a select few are even allowed to gaze upon her before the magical moment when she walks down the aisle. But what about the groom?

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