Obesity rates are on the rise, making maintaining a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family more important than ever. You may know the benefits of monitoring what you eat – but how about what you drink? With the average American drinking 400 calories a day and warmer weather here, watching the calories in beverages is especially crucial. Taking what you eat and drink into consideration is vital to a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Diamonds used to be the gem you shopped for only when buying an engagement ring, but these days people are buying them for that and more. From special anniversaries to presents for yourself, here are a few reasons for purchasing a new piece of fine jewelry...

Picture this: You’re out on the go on a hot summer day and you realize you’re thirsty. You want something different, but you’re not sure what beverage you should reach for to quench that thirst.

Whether it’s your mother, sister, girlfriend or wife, there are many females in our lives who have changed us forever. If you are looking for a special piece of jewelry to show her you care, sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. But the key to finding the right piece is in looking at what makes her special.

It’s no secret that shoes can either make or break an outfit. But can uncomfortable shoes also affect your confidence?

Winter can take a toll on anyone's beauty regimen. Extreme cold makes skin dry and flaky, wind strips moisture from hair and temperature changes from inside to outside make it hard to dress appropriately. U.S. Olympic athletes who are gliding down ski slopes, spending hours on the ice and training in biting temperatures know firsthand how harsh winter elements can do more than put a damper on your looks -- it can also affect the health of hair and skin.

Navigating the grocery store aisle to find a lower-fat or lower-calorie salty or sweet snack alternative that tastes just as good as its regular counterpart can be a daunting challenge. Here are some things to consider that can affect the taste and nutritional value when searching for tasty low-fat indulgences as well as tips on how to make the switch to low fat.