Diamonds used to be the gem you shopped for only when buying an engagement ring, but these days people are buying them for that and more. From special anniversaries to presents for yourself, here are a few reasons for purchasing a new piece of fine jewelry...

You probably have some important women to shop for this season – maybe a wife or daughter, your mom or sister. Need some ideas? Think jewelry.

OK, so you’re in a relationship with the man of your dreams. He’s handsome, charming, successful; you’ve never been happier. He’s perfect….well…almost. There’s just that one thing you wish was different…but how do you let him know that it’s time for just one little change? Answer: You don’t.

It’s no secret that shoes can either make or break an outfit. But can uncomfortable shoes also affect your confidence?

Weddings are often all about the bride. Her gown is passed down through generations. Her hairstyle is planned months in advance. Only a select few are even allowed to gaze upon her before the magical moment when she walks down the aisle. But what about the groom?

A recent study indicating that 60 percent of medical schools in the United States are not meeting minimum recommendations for their students’ nutrition education offers more reasons for consumers to seek food and nutrition advice from the experts: registered dietitians.

With summer in full swing, we need to be diligent about applying sunscreen before heading outdoors. But is that enough to protect your skin this summer?Nearly half of all Americans will develop skin cancer by the time they’re 65, according to the National Cancer Institute. Here are some common summer sunscreen mistakes and myths . . . and their solutions.