Fall is approaching, and it will soon be time to switch over to your cooler weather wardrobe. Whether you are going through your closet to see what is wearable or need new fall clothes to update your look, it’s important to focus on quality, instead of quantity, when shopping for a new fall wardrobe. Here are expert tips.

Whether the toilet seat is left up or down or the toothpaste cap is left on or off -- the differences between men and women’s bathroom habits are undeniable. A recent survey peels back the shower curtain to reveal the things we differ on and what we have in common.

In the sea of beauty lotions and potions, how do you know what really works and is worth your hard-earned dollar? It's best to trust the experts who test them all so you know what is fabulous, and what will flounder.

When the directive comes down from management that your workplace is moving to a casual dress code, it’s usually cause for office-wide celebration. More and more companies these days are recognizing the importance of keeping their employees comfortable, and are adopting looser standards for their corporate dress codes.

Pearls are perfect any time, but they seem especially appropriate for weddings. Known by some as the “Queen of Gems,” the classic elegance of pearls transcends centuries and style fads. Nothing looks more beautiful with a bridal gown than a single strand of flawless pearls.

When it comes to giving a meaningful gift to the important women in your life, few gifts say more than jewelry. The right piece of jewelry will complement her personality or even remind her of the special moments you’ve shared.

Trying to lose weight could cost you a lot of money - gym memberships, special diet foods, exercise equipment for your home or even hiring a personal trainer. But there are ways you can lose weight without spending a lot of money. You will still need dedication, time and a willingness to make changes in your life to achieve your goal.

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