pH may be one of those things everyone learned in chemistry and thought, “When will I use this in life?” The reality is that it affects your life every day. We all were taught that pH is the measure of how acidic or basic a liquid is, but in practical application, what pH represents is way more than some litmus papers or the table of elements. It plays a valuable role in maintaining balance and creating optimal health. Here are just a few examples of how pH matters in your everyday life.

Oh, the holidays … a time when the social calendar seems endlessly filled with work parties, gatherings with old friends and annual family get-togethers. The pressures of the hectic holiday season can often make personal grooming and styling play second fiddle -- right along with grandma’s yearly fruit cake. Here's tips for looking your best.

Facial hair is all about self-expression and personal style. In fact, 64 million men sport some type of facial hair. Tthe goatee is the most popular style among men younger than 69, with 25 million men sporting the look according to a Wahl survey. Here are some tips for keeping your facial hair looking its best.

It’s one of the seasons of the year when people are thinking of losing weight. Whether it’s for a family or class reunion or trips to the beach, finding your own motivation for losing weight is critical. It’s also important not to jeopardize your success by believing the myths and misconceptions about weight loss.

Summer is a great time for outdoor activities, many of which require swimming attire. Women often find themselves dreading this time of year because they are not satisfied with how their swimsuit fits or makes them look. The problem is they don’t have the right swimsuit for their body. Here are some tips to follow to get the swimsuit you want and look great this summer.

Women’s bodies are built differently than men’s bodies. This means that women’s shoes, pants and even women’s socks are constructed to fit women’s unique proportions. However, when it comes to braces and supports, women have classically been forced to make do with equipment made to fit men.

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