Eating right is often easier said than done. You like what you like, so breaking old eating habits is never easy. That’s why sometimes it can be easier to slightly modify your diet instead of giving it a complete overhaul.

Reducing stress by escaping everyday life pressures is as easy as going outside. Regardless of what outdoor sport you enjoy, be it walking, gardening, golfing, boating, hiking, biking ... the great outdoors provides excellent benefits for the body and mind.

Whether it's walking the dog every day or getting to the gym three times a week, sometimes your exercise routine can feel like just that … routine. There are simple ways to keep your workouts fresh and renew your motivation to get moving for health and fitness.

When it comes to getting in shape, celebrity fitness trainer Kim Lyons from “The Biggest Loser” knows it’s all about forming healthy routines. Here she offers some unique tips to help you shape up inside and out.

The rise in both obesity and those without enough resources for nutritious meals is creating plenty of areas of need. Here are some ways you can make a healthy investment in yourself and neighbors in need.

Fall is a time of transition. Not only do you need to prepare your skin for the cold months ahead, but it’s time to transform your look from light and airy to soft and classic.

Many of us make grandiose New Year’s resolutions that we mean to follow through on and never do. Sometimes we might know that what we’re doing isn’t sustainable over a year, and other times, we underestimate exactly what we need to stick to a resolution. You often need more than just will power to really see results, especially when it comes to the popular resolution to get fit.