Put your own creative spin on the traditional wedding customs with a new take on the old and new, borrowed and blue symbols.

Whether you’re in a brand new relationship or a marriage that has lasted for decades, you can use aromatherapy to enhance the romance. A selection of fragrant essential oils can help create a passionate connection between you and your partner.

When it comes to fashion, are you determined to stand out from the crowd? To truly immerse yourself in the world of fashion design, you need to have access to the industry's top trends and most recent developments. Consider becoming a member of a fashion design organization to connect with other fashion enthusiasts, get firsthand information on industry information and advancements and stay on top of the latest trends in fashion designing, manufacturing, distributing, sourcing and technology.

You made it through the wedding, so now comes the relaxing part -- your romantic honeymoon in a faraway destination. But what do you pack and how much do you need?

Everyone loves the sunshine, but too much of a good thing now could create major health problems for you later on. Because of the risk of skin cancer, you need to adopt sun-safe behaviors year-round, and avoid intentional exposure to natural sunlight and its harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

The challenges of being a Gen X mom are more demanding than ever. In response to the many everyday challenges, moms are finding ways to feel better and look younger with new exercise trends, fashion, nutrition and even medical procedures.

Despite the obvious joys of being a new mom, it can also take its toll. Adjusting to motherhood can leave women feeling exhausted, stressed and frazzled. So how is it that celebrity moms always appear to be so well rested and pulled together?