One of the many benefits of marriage is having a partner to share in the day-to-day tasks. One person might handle the laundry while the other takes over yard work. But, when it comes to money management, while you may end up delegating most of the responsibility to one person, it’s in every couple’s best interest to be mutually involved in the family finances.

Consumers looking for choice in telephone service are increasingly turning to their cable companies. In fact, recent industry figures show that more than 11 million Americans have dropped their phone companies and switched to next-generation digital phone service from cable. It works just like traditional phone service, it's easy to install, has all the expected calling features and is competitively priced.

An annual tradition, Americans have their minds on resolutions for the new year. While most hope to loosen their pants, others try to tighten their belt. Whether it is through eating out less, shopping less or traveling less, most try to cut costs in their life, timed to the change in the calendar.

Commercialism runs rampant during the holiday season. But all the hustle and bustle that goes along with gift giving is a great opportunity to teach children how to shop for gifts and manage their money. Here are some easy ways you can teach your kids responsible money management and smart holiday shopping.

Traditional, bricks-and-mortar banks are going to have to start offering much more than free lollipops to keep customers coming through the doors. And why not? You can pay your bills, manage investments, buy stocks and do your taxes without leaving the comfort of your home.

Handy tool belt, equipped with all the essentials? Check. A vision of what the end result will look like? Check. A sense of adventure and determination? Check. Sounds like you’re ready to tackle your do-it-yourself project. Or are you? There’s one more tool you need to have a handle on before you begin – your credit.

Recent graduates should be proud of their accomplishment, but there is still a lot to learn – like how to get the most from their money, how to establish credit and how to ensure convenient, safe access to their savings and checking accounts. While today’s tough economic times can make setting up these building blocks of personal finance even more worrisome credit unions offer many solutions.