If you’re thinking of buying a house – whether it’s new or existing, your first home or your fifth – you can help ensure you get the best possible deal by doing a few things before you get down to serious shopping.

Irritation with unnecessary banking fees is the No. 1 reason consumers switch banks, according to a recent survey. If you’re paying these five fees, it’s time to look for a bank that doesn’t charge them.

Rewards credit card programs have enjoyed an unheard level of popularity over the past few years. The tide may be turning though as the level of frustration with many of the most popular programs, such as airline miles, is growing.

A mom is always walking a fine line between trying to provide her family with everything they need, while at the same time balancing a budget and saving money for the unexpected surprises life can throw at her.

Ahh, tax time. The smell of freshly sharpened pencils, the clicking of the calculator keys, the satisfaction of figuring out the tax forms. What? That doesn’t sound familiar? Perhaps this is more your experience: the smell of sweat as you realize you can’t find key receipts, the silent scream you utter when the numbers don’t balance for the tenth time, the agony of trying to figure out which forms you need.

Despite high unemployment rates and a slow economy, job outlooks are bright for students considering degrees related to financial services. To snag one of these positions, experts say experience and financial prowess are key.

Storing documents at home could expose you to identity theft if someone breaks in. Identity thieves also pick through trash looking for identifying information, so it’s important to properly dispose of documents you no longer need. Here are some guidelines for what to keep and for how long.

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