Despite all the technology available to home sellers today, real estate is still a personal business.Here are the benefits you get from having a listing agent handle the sale of your home rather than trying to sell it yourself.

Job creation continues to be a hot topic in today’s economic climate. While government actions and policies can play a powerful role in rebuilding and strengthening America’s job market, small businesses on Main Street can also be a part of the solution. Small businesses employ half of the nation’s workforce and account for 60 percent of gross job creation.

The cost of healthcare in the United States has reached all-time highs. Individuals without health insurance coverage find themselves putting off a trip to the doctor to save money. Even people lucky enough to have health coverage are feeling the pinch.

It seems like there’s a new headline every day about another stolen laptop, a hacker attack or a lost data tape. And the impact of these incidents is widespread. One organization estimates that over 91 million data records of U.S. residents have been exposed due to security breaches since February 2005.

Jim Wyner is having the time of his life. He lives in La Jolla, Calif., and although he retired six years ago, he’s ecstatic about his new career after retirement. And Jim is not alone. The nation is experiencing large numbers of executives retiring, and this generation of retirees is not sitting at home playing bingo. These Baby Boomers are looking to give back to their professional community and aiming to positively affect the lives of other executives.

A family endowment is something that may benefit everyone in a family - including you. The goals of an endowment are simple - accumulate enough assets to allow you to live comfortably off the income during retirement and to maintain and preserve the principle for your loved ones and future generations. Here are five guidelines that, if followed, may assist you in creating and preserving a family endowment.

It was the wedding of your dreams and the honeymoon of a lifetime. Now you’re settling down to enjoy married life. You’ll probably do a lot of things to nurture your marital bliss – from slipping little love notes into each other’s brief cases or lunch bags, to learning the “right” way to argue. But don’t forget the more mundane things you need to do to protect your life together – including updating your homeowners insurance.