So when did life become all work and no play? In the recent study No Vacation Nation (2007), the U.S. Center for Economic and Policy Research found that among the 21 richest countries in the world, the United States is the only nation where paid vacation time is not guaranteed by law.

Generations of American girls learned how to run a household in high school home economics classes. In the 21st century, girls are learning how to build the house -- and shopping malls, office buildings and virtually every other kind of structure on the American landscape.

Travel has changed quite a bit since our ancestors first picked up and moved from one camp to the next. More recently, our ability to stay connected while away from home has improved greatly. We create and demand access to information more now than ever before. As we travel, we need to be able to connect with co-workers, chat with friends and family, or even find a great spot to eat.

With more applicants seeking fewer jobs, it becomes increasingly important to do more than simply “dust off” your resume. Here are some tips to help you in today's tough job market.

As unemployment rises, many Americans find themselves unexpectedly looking for work. Suddenly, attending a job fair becomes a vital opportunity to network, develop interviewing skills and -- hopefully -- find a job.

Many Americans would like to write a book, but think they don’t have a prayer of getting published. The good news: Sharing your work with the world is not only possible, it's easy and inexpensive when you harness the reach and power of the Internet.

Every week, thousands of laptops are stolen from airports. Thieves thrive in the chaos and volume of travelers at most American airports throughout the year. Here are tips to thwart laptop thieves while you're on the road.