Countless adults are returning to the classroom, both online and on the ground, to pursue their education. Whether they’re returning to adapt to changes in the economy, are looking to move ahead in their current role or are making the time to pursue the degree they’ve always wanted, heading back to school to compete in a knowledge-based economy can mean a lot of adjustment and some new experiences.

Regardless of the size of your workspace – be it large or small – you can take a number of steps to lighten both your environmental footprint and that of your organization.

For owners of new and young small businesses, there are a plethora of elements that need to be managed and overseen every day to ensure success. While focusing on income, expenditures, employees and marketing, thinking about your business’ credit can sometimes fall by the wayside.

Whether you are pursuing a life-long passion or looking to reinvent yourself, it is never too late to pursue a new career. Here are some tips on changing careers and making the most of this transitional period.

Securing the right education at the right price means “doing the math” to determine the real cost of a college education. While the reality check may not be pleasant, it can lead to considerable money-saving decisions when it comes to funding a child’s college education.

Passed up for that last promotion? Feel like your boss never takes you seriously? The presentation of your workspace could be influencing these decisions.

Demand continues to grow for day spa services, and with it, the need for qualified spa professionals grows as well. Career opportunities are available in day spa services.