Millions of Americans are pursuing the dream of owning their own business. For those developing and growing their concept among an increasingly large field of independent business owners, the need to stand out in the crowd can’t be overstated. Some small business owners are finding that the traditional idea of working out of the home needs some refreshing in order to ensure success.

Class is always in session if you’re a company looking to gain a strategic edge in hiring entry-level college graduates. The pool of work-ready college graduates is as high as ever, but current financial conditions have forced the bar even higher for companies looking to hire. One way to make sure that job candidates are ready to produce when they graduate is to bring your company to the classroom. There’s no need for CEOs to hit the white erase board, but it is a good idea for your company to reach out to various local colleges and begin to work on tailoring a curriculum that meets your business needs.

While you’re running through all the financial tasks small businesses do to close out one fiscal year and start the next, don’t forget to examine an often-overlooked key financial factor – your business credit.

Do you use computers daily at work or at home? If so, you may be suffering from computer vision syndrome and not even know it. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), this syndrome leaves people vulnerable to problems like dry eye, eyestrain, neck and/or backache, light sensitivity and fatigue. These symptoms can result from individual visual problems, poor work station configuration and improper work habits. Here's what you need to know.

Although people still spend approximately two-thirds of their day working individually, more so now than ever, businesses are relying on teamwork and creative collaboration to generate success. As this collaborative approach to business continues to grow, the landscape of the typical office is evolving to reflect this change.

Some people travel for business and others for pleasure. Whatever the reason for hitting the road, travelers have increasingly sophisticated expectations when it comes to the quality of a hotel.

Big retailers have traditionally been the businesses to see the biggest boost on Black Friday, and Cyber Monday helps online merchants. If you’re a small-business owner, you now have a day when consumers are thinking about you – Nov. 26 is Small Business Saturday – and smart use of social media can help you make the most of it.