Facing a struggling economy and record levels of unemployment, millions of young people will head back to thousands of U.S. colleges and universities this fall, anxious about their job prospects over the next few years. With a little determination and preparation, college students can increase their odds of landing a job right out of school and laying a foundation for future success.

How is it that some managers are able to inspire top performances from their employees while others can barely extract an honest day’s work from the people who report to them? The secret is out.

The school year is in full swing, and a lot of work is going on behind the scenes. One of the most important details administrators deal with is making sure they have an appropriate sized pool of qualified and prepared substitute teachers in place throughout the year.

It’s hard to believe that a few retiring professors could have much of an impact on our lives. But a shortage of veterinary pathology professors may soon have a lasting impact on global health.

A degree in criminal justice can lead to a wide variety of careers in crime prevention and corrections, including police officers, detectives, probation officers and correctional treatment specialists.

Is this the year you become a small business owner? Whether your job security is in question because of a shaky economy or you're eager to take the leap into being an entrepreneur, you may be ready to make a change for financial fitness and career satisfaction.

The secret to a successful business is out: there is no secret. Starting your own business takes hard work and a steadfast commitment. Keep in mind these few essential first steps, and you may well be on a path to prosperity.