When Richard Childress started racing professionally in 1969, he chose car No. 3 as a tribute to driver Junior Johnson and all the other greats who drove the number. Over the next three decades, he and Dale Earnhardt Sr. made the No. 3 an icon within the sport. As a team owner, he remains as active in the sport as ever and is one of the industry leaders.

Anyone thinking about starting a business, and entrepreneurs already running their own small business, face new opportunities, thanks to recent changes in legislation. If you’ve been dreaming of opening your own business, following that dream into 2011 will allow you to capitalize on these new opportunities.

The holidays are in full swing, and customers are being greeted by an array of new technologies on retailers’ shelves. People are seeing that technological advancements have changed things significantly not only in the consumer world but also in the business world. These changes are allowing organizations to be more efficient than ever before and are helping businesses beat the competition.

Everyone is struggling in today’s economy. When you need extra income or are facing a layoff, taking your talents online can generate big business and even a new career. Whether you already have a Web site or are considering one, it’s important to think about how to attract customers to your business.

To find the right job, use an integrated approach of social media, job search sites and targeted industry research.

You’ve probably heard small businesses called “the backbone of the American economy.” But do you really know just how important small businesses are to the health of the economy? And did you know you can actually do something to help businesses in your area this holiday season, and score some free spending money at the same time?

Young adults entering the workforce are faced with a juggling act of searching for jobs and calculating living expenses while trying to factor health benefits into the equation. A new national survey reveals that when it comes to their financial priorities, today’s young workforce is focused on cell phone bills, credit card payments and savings accounts – health benefits are not a top concern.