Millions of women often wonder how they can continue to juggle it all or wish they remembered who they “used to be” before having a career, kids or both. Life coaches can help women find their way back to what they really want.

Not properly defining and separating your business finances from your personal finances could have consequences that stretch well beyond your business.

Despite less than stellar job growth over the past few years, college graduates remain in demand. In fact, employers plan to hire 19.5 percent more 2011 college graduates than they did in 2010, which is up nearly 6 percent since 2009-2010, according to a recent Job Outlook study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). But today's job market is not your parents’ job market. Huge demographic and employment trends are changing the way America works, and would-be employees will need to remain flexible.

Young adults entering the workforce are faced with a juggling act of searching for jobs and calculating living expenses while trying to factor health benefits into the equation. A new national survey reveals that when it comes to their financial priorities, today’s young workforce is focused on cell phone bills, credit card payments and savings accounts – health benefits are not a top concern.

Elaine’s Toffee Co. started out as a family affair, bringing Jim Ahlgren and his three daughters together three years ago. Elaine’s secret toffee recipe was a popular sell, and business for the San Francisco-based company soon began booming. They needed an easy way to incorporate.

Small business owners face a variety of financial challenges, from securing financing and creating a marketing plan, to maintaining accounting books and minimizing tax liabilities. Regardless of whether business owners do the bookkeeping themselves or outsource it, they are responsible for staying organized and strategizing to increase the bottom line.

Massage is no longer a luxury reserved for the wealthy. Growing public awareness of massage’s benefits for alleviating a number of health problems – from stress to arthritis pain – and greater availability of services have made massage therapy accessible and affordable to a much broader spectrum of consumers than ever before.