Summer just wouldn’t be summer without spending some time in the sun, but without precaution and protection, summer's warm rays can be harmful to your eyes.

Family pets cherish the home environment – it’s where they curl up on the living room floor, wait patiently for a treat in the kitchen, and patrol the halls making sure loved ones are safe and sound. Although pets are undeniably loveable, the animal dander and other allergens that accompany these furry friends can jeopardize the well-being of those in the home.

Parents and children rarely have the same decorating tastes when the time comes to redo a child’s room. But don't worry – with a few tricks, you can create a stylish bedroom that is fun and functional for your child.

As Halloween decorations hit the stores, calendars fill up with school activities and class parties. In between running to the store to buy ingredients for the class treats and finding the perfect costumes, it can be tough to spend time with the whole family. Gathering at the dinner table can benefit more than kids’ stomachs. Here's why.

Successful communities are built, not born. What makes communities successful has changed dramatically over the past decade. Evidence shows that now, more than ever before, successful communities can be built. In other words, the characteristic assets of a successful community can be created, developed and encouraged.

Keeping your children's clothing in good shape during the school year can leave any mom floundering. Besides sports and other after-school activities causing clothes to look dirty, you have to deal with growth spurts and your children just being kids, being a little tough on what they wear. Try these tips to stay on top of the clothing game and save a little money, so you can send your son or daughter off to school with pride.

Has your kitchen table turned into a battleground? Providing the proper nutrition is one of the most important things moms can do for their kids, however getting them to eat a balanced diet every day can be just as challenging as getting them to do their homework. With the shift back to busy fall schedules, mealtimes are an opportunity for the whole family to gather and connect, but picky eating often can make mealtime seem like an endless – and unwinnable – battle.