The flare-up of pain as you sip from your coffee cup might raise your eyebrow for just a moment, but then the pain disappears and you forget about it. Across the aisle, your coworker is filling his water bottle for the third time this morning, trying to keep his mouth wet enough to talk on the phone. These two oral health conditions might not bother a person enough to schedule an appointment with a dentist, but ignoring them could lead to much more serious issues.

Mark Burnett (“Survivor” and “The Apprentice”) has teamed up with to launch “Gold Rush” ( – a first of its kind seven-week online reality game where over $2 million in gold is up for grabs.

You might be surprised if someone told you that one step to a lifetime of good health is as easy as changing what you drink, but it’s true. The simple act of including a glass of 100 percent orange juice in your daily diet is one small change that can make a big difference.

As SPF numbers give way to arithmetic and time spent building sand castles is now dedicated to proper sentence construction, school has surely started again. Despite the fact that family life tends to be busier, there is still hope for parents looking to spend a little quality time with the kids. It’s called dinnertime and families everywhere can make it work for them.

Every milestone, no matter how small, is thrilling when you become a parent. Not only are these moments memorable and exciting, but they are also important indicators of your baby's development. Parents can follow these simple tips to support their baby's cognitive and physical development during their first year.

Parents are tasked with making many decisions that affect the quality of education their children receive. One of those choices, transportation to and from school, plays a more important role than moms and dads may realize.

With food costs rising and budgets tightening, it’s time to get creative at mealtime. The trick is to do more with less, and there are many great options -- from smart recipes to great food products -- to help stretch the dollar and delight the appetite. Here are some expert tips on how to keep meal costs down.