Going back to school often means hitting the books for ideas to create healthy lunchbox and after-school treats that kids will love. Luckily, some tweaks and creative twists can keep you thinking outside the traditional lunchbox all year long.

Hosting an exchange student from a foreign country can be very rewarding. Here's a place to turn if you want to do it.

Being put out with the trash on a chilly night, thrown from a moving car or nearly shot for no longer wanting to hunt. Some pet rescue stories may seem too unbelievable to be real. Even more astonishing are the remarkable recoveries made by these extraordinary pets from such thoughtless acts of neglect. Thanks to the devotion of pet rescue organizations across the county, once abandoned pets are now rising above tragedy to do extraordinary things.

For children, eyes are the windows to learning, playing and growing. That's why children's eye health is just as important as an adult's eye health. As a parent, do you really know how healthy your child's eyes are?

Your best defense against swine flu and other viruses this flu season may well be the humble paper hand towel. Damp hands spread 1,000 times more germs than dry hands. It is therefore as important to dry your hands as it is to wash them carefully with soap and warm water. When away from home, a single-use paper towel ensures that hands can be completely dried and are virtually germ-free.

Between Jimmy’s first day of school, Sally’s school pageant and the family vacation, it’s easy to quickly fill your digital camera’s memory card. Then your options are: either swap the full memory card for a new one, transfer the images to your home computer’s hard drive, or – as an increasing number of amateur shutterbugs are doing – upload the images to a photo-sharing Web site. But how do you choose the photo-sharing site that’s right for your needs? They aren’t all created equal. Here’s what you should know about photo-sharing Web sites to make sure you choose one that will work for you.

Instant gratification, credit cards and I need it now. America’s youth are growing up in a culture dominated by these ideas and values. So it’s no surprise young adults today are not preparing for their financial futures.