There’s no doubt about it, times are tough for many Americans. With today’s record-high gas prices and an uncertain economy, families are looking for advice on how to cut unnecessary costs from their daily spending.

No matter where you choose to put your baby to sleep, safety and success must be your main concerns. Your decision will be easier if you know a few basic facts about infants’ sleep habits, safe sleeping practices and bedding options.

Whether you are still working on that New Year’s resolution, or just trying to shape up for swimsuit season, you probably know that making healthier lifestyle choices is sometimes easier said than done. Sometimes when you aim to make significant lifestyle changes, you set lofty goals without necessarily thinking about what it will take to achieve them.

It's fun, it's messy, and it means time with an adult -- no wonder most kids love to cook. Kitchen duty provides plenty of learning opportunities for kids too.

New research has confirmed the sheer quantity of words a child hears every day from birth to age three is related to his or her academic success, according to the just-released "Power of Talk" study. Her's how parents can capitalize on that information to help their little ones.

Summer trips are wrapping up and kids are counting down the days until they have to go back to school. With many parents weighed down by worries about escalating back-to-school costs, brushing up on tips and tricks for making the summer-to-school transition smoother will be helpful for the entire family.

Spring is just around the corner. Longer spring days signal the perfect time to get outdoors. How will you spend those extra hours of daylight?