Each year more than a million patients in the United States develop infections caused by deadly super bugs that have developed resistance to the antibiotics normally used to treat them. The sources of these life-threatening super bug infections are from both hospitals and outpatient facilities. Now, patients can be proactive in their fights against super bugs.

One of the most significant changes to the 40-year-old Medicare program – the new Medicare Part D drug coverage plans – is now under way. Medicare Part D benefits are designed to help seniors take control of the sometimes overwhelming costs of prescription drugs. This coverage is not available directly from Medicare – you must sign up through a private health plan.

A rising number of American households – nearly 45 percent – are "at risk" of not having enough money in retirement, according the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. But some retirees have discovered a surprising source of supplemental retirement income: the cash value of their whole life insurance policies.

Retirement may be right around the corner or a far off thought, depending on where you are in life. But no matter if you plan to retire in five years or 30 years, now is the time to take action.

The statistics are staggering. According to a recent report from the National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine, medical mistakes are now the eighth leading cause of death in America. Between 44,000 and 98,000 people die each year and hundreds of thousands more are injured as a result of such incidents as misdiagnoses, medical errors, wrong site surgeries and infections caused by instruments left in the body after surgery.

From the first knee scrape at recess to broken arms on the jungle gym, and from do-it-yourself jobs gone awry to ankle injuries on the tennis court, few of us are immune to injuries. By following some simple guidelines you can reduce your chance of injury and be sure that should you have a mishap, your recovery is as quick and complication free as possible.

Whether you suffer from chronic ailments like arthritis or fibromyalgia, or simply experience the aches, pains and stiffness associated with past injuries or with aging, winter’s cold and dampness can exacerbate these problems. Here is some simple advice to minimize winter’s impact on chronic pain and avoid new pains from injuries.

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