The best way to face down winter and all its challenges is to think ahead and be prepared. A few simple solutions will make winter much safer - and more enjoyable - for you and any guests you might invite over.

Often, Friday night is the one evening when everyone in the family is home for dinner. Many families - feeling the need to make the most of their time together - are adapting the Lenten tradition of “Fish Fridays” for quick, healthy meals that the whole family can enjoy.

If you're tired of waiting in long lines at the pharmacy to drop off or pick up your prescriptions, find yourself forgetting to refill your meds, or worry about your conversations with the pharmacist being overhead by other customers in the store, there's a safe, convenient, money-saving alternative available to you right now.

Hearing loss isn’t a harmless condition to be ignored. In fact, hearing loss often coexists with other serious health problems. And a growing body of research indicates that there may be a link. Studies show that people with heart disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression may all have an increased risk of hearing loss.

There are more than 70 million grandparents in the United States and many of them have a passion for travel, providing an incredible opportunity to share this love with the grandchildren. Traveling with grandkids offers a unique bonding activity that can’t be experienced during a family get-together or a short visit.

Today’s baby boomers are growing older gracefully. And although more than 10,000 boomers each day will turn 65, most are not letting their age stop them from maintaining active and healthy lifestyles.

Does your sister make sure to bake your favorite cake on your birthday? Or maybe you and your son always watch your favorite movie on Thanksgiving. Families are close and know lots of special things about one another. As we grow older, there are some very important things that every family should know and discuss, even if they are difficult such as an advance care plan.