A record number of students went back to school this year – without ever stepping foot inside a classroom. A growing number of virtual schools (also known as cyber schools or e-schools), combined with booming parent (and student) demand for high-quality virtual education, have more students than ever logging on, instead of boarding a school bus, this back-to-school season.

College is a time to explore new things and find your true interests, and perhaps nothing illustrates this better than the opportunities offered through study-abroad programs. These programs afford students the opportunity to study in a foreign country for a month, a semester or even a year, giving them a chance take courses given from a perspective they would never get at home, while also allowing the opportunity to explore another culture.

Rapid technology advances are changing everything -- from how we make phone calls to programming the washer to clean a load of clothes as energy efficiently as possible. Making the best use of those advances still relies on some "old school" communications skills, however. That's just one of the reasons technical communication is growing faster than the average for all professions, a projected 19.5 percent from 2006 to 2016.

It’s never too soon to start teaching your children about financial literacy. With changes in the global economy and an ever-evolving workforce, today’s children need to be prepared to meet the financial challenges they will face in the future.

Is there anything that strikes more fear in the heart of the recent graduate than putting together a job resumé? Maybe a job interview, but first things first -- you need to have a resumé.

It seems that nearly every newscast these days includes some discussion of wide-scale joblessness in the U.S. and discussion of economic crises at home and abroad. If you're unemployed, pay attention to your health, stay active and take care of yourself to help prevent any negative impacts on your emotional health.

Looking for insight into what your college student wants to wear to school this fall? Want them to fit in with their peers, but still look respectable? Want to know the secrets to saving a buck?