“Eat your vegetables!” has been the mantra of the frustrated parents of picky eaters for generations. And the encouragement is needed now more than ever as recent research from the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md. found that 40 percent of the calories children ages 2 to 18 consumed were empty calories.

As a college freshman, you don't have to over-think decorating your dorm room. Save all that mental energy for your studies. Creating inexpensive and interesting living spaces is easier than your high school finals.

Job interviews can be filled with anxiety if you are not prepared for the questions and the answers. Preparing for your job interview is a lot more than updating your resume and getting a haircut. Doing your homework is critical to your success. To prepare for a job interview, here are a few questions you should be expecting.

It's no secret. In small towns and large cities across the country, colleges and universities are magnets for crime, both on and off campus. While students may feel relatively safe at college, the reality is that at some point in their college careers, many college students will become a victim of a crime.

What makes a potential candidate stand out from the others in the room? Is it how they’re dressed, the technical skills they have to offer, the advanced degree they’ve earned or how they carry themselves in a group setting?

“Earn more money” and “advance my career” are common New Year’s resolutions. But when the goals appear on your list year after year, it’s time to take action to improve your attractiveness to employers, both current and potential.

Facing the prospect of a layoff amidst the economic downturn, some employees choose to distinguish themselves in their current profession while others change fields. In response, educational and career training institutions have had to expand to meet growing demand for career training.