All over the country, high-power professionals are trading in their high-paying, high-stress careers, with their 60-hour weeks and $200 ties, for a more fulfilling life. This trend, known as 'downshifting' is catching on, as over-worked professionals seek to find balance in their lives.

Nick Souleotes, 43, and his 92-year-old grandmother, Ruth Franks, were diagnosed with colon cancer on the same day and four days later had their cancer removed through minimally invasive colon surgery. Both are thankful for the minimally invasive treatment option that got them back to their lives quicker than they expected.

When the nation celebrates a cultural legacy, as we do when we observe National Hispanic Heritage Month, we are often reminded of our different backgrounds. But in the U.S. Army Reserve, this month also helps us to realize that as a diverse force, we all strive toward a common goal.

Getting their dorm room organized, reconnecting with friends they met last year, making new friends, setting up a class schedule ... college students have a lot to look forward to as they head back to campus. Identity thieves eagerly anticipate back-to-school time too, because it often means more opportunity for them to purloin someone’s private, personal information for their financial gain.

Parents send their children to college hoping they’ll learn enough in the classroom to get their degree, and enough about life to make their way in the world once they graduate. But firsthand knowledge of identity theft is one lesson parents don’t want kids to have, and they should take steps to help their college-age children avoid it.

Studying abroad is an invaluable experience; it can introduce you to a whole new world, train you in a new language and help open doors to future endeavors. However, preparing to live in an unfamiliar place for an extended period of time is not something that can be taken lightly, and requires the requisite amount of preparation.

As a college freshman, you don't have to over-think decorating your dorm room. Save all that mental energy for your studies. Creating inexpensive and interesting living spaces is easier than your high school finals.