As summer winds down, college freshmen – and sophomores, juniors and seniors – are gearing up to move onto campus. Whether you’re moving to college for the first time or the third, you’ll find there are ways to make your move smarter and, believe it or not, more enjoyable.

Winter break from school used to mean a few lazy weeks spent indoors until boredom hit. This holiday season, parents can transform their family’s winter break blues into excitement by offering children what they crave – fun and engaging activities that will keep their minds active.

Get good grades, graduate high school, go to your dream college — sounds simple, right? It can be, as long as research and preparation are paired with your hard work and ambition. One of the key ways college admissions staff determines how you stack up to other college-bound hopefuls are standardized test scores, namely the SAT test and the ACT test, along with the other elements of your application package. Those who score highest on the SAT and ACT tests have a distinct advantage amid tough competition to enter the nation’s top colleges and universities. It makes sense to do your homework on the SAT test and the ACT test and learn how to ace them.

A laptop has become an essential tool for college students. Parents have more choices than ever - and more opportunities to save - when purchasing a laptop for their college kids. But the cost of a new laptop goes far beyond the price tag on the computer - especially if a new laptop is stolen or damaged while a child is away at school. Instead of risking a costly replacement, parents can take several effective measures to ensure their student's laptop, and the valuable information stored on it, are well protected.

You've been wrongly accused of using drugs and you need a lawyer. First, you'll be screened by a paralegal - who may not have the training needed to know how best to help you. Here's the solution.

Wondering how savvy you are about money matters? There’s an easy way to find out with just a few clicks of the mouse. A new test, available online at, lets people gauge their grasp of some of the more important -- and relevant -- financial matters that can affect their future.

Now that school is starting, school fundraisers can’t be far behind. Everything from coupons books to wrapping paper to cookies has been enlisted in the cause of raising money for school activities.

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