As unemployment rises, many Americans are realizing the importance of having a career that’s fulfilling as well as lucrative. This has fueled a growth in the number of people going back to school to become massage therapists -- a career with strong job security and great potential.

When choosing a college major, it’s important to see what job prospects are available with the degree you hope to obtain. Earning a degree requires considerable time and financial commitment, and you’ll want to be certain that your chances of landing a job when you graduate are as great as possible. Fields like information technology, marketing management and computer forensics offer good opportunities.

The school year can be both an exciting and anxious time. As a parent, you can teach your child a few lessons, and take a few precautions yourself, to put your mind at ease when children are in the classroom.

For many people, college marked a time when they forged friendships and romances that last a lifetime. Is it any wonder, then, that so many college graduates seek creative ways to nourish their bond with their alma mater years – often decades – after they’ve left the college’s hallowed halls?

Parents who are concerned that budget constraints may be costing their kids a quality education are turning to home schooling. As in a traditional classroom, students ask and answer questions, participate in discussions, and take tests. But unlike a public or private school, virtual students have the advantage of completing their courses from home, allowing them the flexibility to work at their own pace.

Have you ever given yourself a SWOT. No. It’s not a typo. With a SWOT analysis, you examine your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats along with internal and external factors that might affect your employment search. Many organizations utilize a SWOT analysis to examine their business. A SWOT analysis can also help reduce the anxiety sometimes associated with finding employment.

As graduates move from one stage of life to the next, technology can help them in their journey to success. The latest gadgets are smaller, more powerful and less expensive, allowing graduates to take advantage of the best in mobility and efficiency while watching their pocketbooks.