Back-to-school shopping can be difficult for budget-conscious parents as students look to express themselves. Here are tips on how to personalize back-to-school supplies without breaking the budget.

Do you have problems sleeping on Sunday nights knowing that you have to return to work the next morning? Are you constantly daydreaming about your dream job? Are you always checking the clock at work, counting down the minutes until the day ends? If so, you might be suffering from workplace blues. Career experts offer great advice for finding career happiness.

Some people don’t consider pursuing a degree because they lack the finances. The good news is there is money out there to help you pay for tuition or room and board, you just have to find it.

After a busy summer comes an even busier fall, thanks to kids going back to school and getting into new routines. To make the transition from carefree fun in the sun to hitting the books a little simpler for both parents and students, some smart back-to-school shopping should be at the top of your priority list.

Children of all ages need basic tools to succeed in school, such as pens, pencils, notebooks and dictionaries, but sometimes basic supplies just aren’t enough to capture a child’s interest and understanding. Since math courses build upon fundamentals learned in previous courses, today’s student must keep up and master concepts at each grade level to succeed in school, prompting parents to look for educational tools as an investment in their child’s learning.

It’s time to start thinking about warm weather – and what fashion trends will be sizzling hot this season. It’s never too soon to think about style, says Courtney Hammonds, faculty member in fashion and retail management at The Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur.

Unemployment is edging down. Yet with millions of Americans still out of work, many are looking for ways to make themselves better prepared to seize emerging opportunities. There's a good economic argument for going back to school.