Many moms-to-be may experience constipation and painful bowel movements -- a discomfort that can follow them into motherhood once the baby arrives. Luckily, there are ways to ease some of these discomforts.

It's no secret. In small towns and large cities across the country, colleges and universities are magnets for crime, both on and off campus. While students may feel relatively safe at college, the reality is that at some point in their college careers, many college students will become a victim of a crime.

When the warm weekends of summer lure gardeners into the yard and the armchair athletes into the field, these “warriors” often find that their muscles and joints are a more than a little sore on Monday.

Crime scene dramas like "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and "Criminal Minds" have exploded in popularity over the past decade, creating what many in the legal field describe as "The CSI Effect," which refers to the way the often exaggerated scenarios in these shows have influenced the public’s perception of the forensic science field.

Studies show that the average job-seeker will change careers several times over the course of his or her lifetime. Different variables contribute to the desire for career change, but the common thread between those seeking to make this transition is an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty about how to do so successfully.

Many Americans are evaluating career directions and considering other options in today’s competitive job market. One industry consistently reported as growing is health care. Even if patient care does not appeal to you, you should not disregard looking into health care opportunities because not all health care workers are directly involved in patient care.

The new school year means new clothes, new classes, new teachers – and the same old misery for children who have allergies and asthma. It’s such a big problem that asthma-related emergency department visits increase by 46 percent at the start of the school year, and asthma and allergies account for more than 14 million school day absences. Here are some tips to help you avoid school-related asthma and allergy misery.